Wire-Free Charging Technology

We all rely heavily on our mobile devices to keep us connected and informed at all times, in all places. One of the biggest hindrances of our portable technology is making sure our smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices are charged when we need them to be. Enter Energous Corporation and their safe, wire-free charging technology, WattUp. This cutting-edge technology will change the way households in Menlo Park and companies in Sunnyvale manage their electronic devices.

The San Jose-based company has developed its radio-frequency (RF) based WattUp technology that provides “the freedom to roam where you want to” while ensuring your devices remain charged. The award-winning wire-free charging technology is poised to alter the way both people and industries charge their battery-powered devices. A revolutionary, intelligent and scalable solution based on radio frequencies, WattUp is patent-pending and is gaining significant notice by investors and companies the likes of Apple.

How it works

The WattUp Power Router transmits highly targeted pockets of energy through numerous minute antenna arrays and control chips. The software uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and enterprise-class wireless networking protocols, managing up to 12 devices at one time. You’ll no longer be interrupted to charge our devices because the system will intelligently manage the charge of each of your devices.

WattUp wire-free charging technology offers:

  1. True Mobility
    • No power cords, charging pads or power stations
    • Charge devices from anywhere within a 30-foot ‘end-to-end’ charging envelope
  2. WattUp can charge an array of devices including:
    • Cell phones, tablets, wearable devices, wireless keyboards and mice, LED lights, headset, cameras, remote controls and toys
    • As long as the device requires under 10 watts, WattUp provides wire-free charging
  3. Operates like WiFi
    • Using a transmitter, WattUp sends energy via 2.4GHz and 5.7-5.8 GHz RF signals to all enabled devices
    • A WattUp receiver in each device converts the RF signal to battery power
    • Controlled by software, it is smart and customizable technology

To find out more about the future of WattUp and wire-free charging technology, visit the company’s website or read their informative FAQ.