Whatever You Do – Don’t Skip the Home Inspection!

The home-buying process can be long and arduous at times, especially when you are so excited to start your life in your perfect new home. You might be tempted to cut a few corners to speed along the process. And hey – we can’t blame you!

However, you should never forgo the home inspection, no matter how perfect the house may seem. And whether you’re a first-time home owner who’s starting your life in Silicon Valley or a tenth-time home owner who’s simply tired of the process, here’s a few reasons why you should never skimp on the home inspection.

1. It Makes Your Home Safer

When buying your home, make sure your contract allows for you to cancel your offer if a security risk arises. Home inspectors can test for radon, carbon monoxide, mold, and other dangerous substances that you would never even know about otherwise.

They can also find serious structural issues or other problems that could be hazardous for you and your family. For example, with foreclosed properties, it’s common for inspectors to discover that people have removed the copper plumbing lines to try to sell them.

2. It Reveals Legal Problems

Builders need a permit to add rooms onto a home, and they must follow proper code guidelines. If you purchase a house with illegal room additions, it can affect your insurance rates, property taxes, and the overall value of the home. It will be your responsibility to fix the rooms or structures that don’t follow code while the previous owner is free from responsibility. A home inspection will reveal whether your new home has any of these illegal rooms so you can avoid a financial disaster trying to fix up your house after buying it.

3. It Can Help You Negotiate for a Better Price

If your home inspector discovers a serious issue with the home, it gives you a chance to ask the previous homeowners to repair the problem or lower the price. A home inspection report won’t compel the seller to fix every single issue in the house, but it can help you negotiate a little. Your realtor can advise you on how to negotiate a better deal after a home inspection.

4. It Helps You Find Home Insurance

Some home insurance companies won’t provide insurance if the home hasn’t been inspected, and others won’t provide insurance if they find certain problems or conditions in the home. A home inspection will make it much easier for you to find quality home insurance.

5. It Allows You to Plan for the Future.

Home inspectors can give you the approximate age of your home’s heating, plumbing, and cooling systems. They can tell you which appliances or components will need replacing soon and which are relatively new. Having that knowledge available can help you save money by planning for those eventualities and even help you pick a home insurance plan that best fits your future needs.

6. It Provides You Peace of Mind

Committing your money and future to one place can be stressful, let alone all the surprises that seem to arise. But when you opt for a home inspection, it provides you with peace of mind and a finish line in sight. Because when the inspection is complete, the boxes moved in and all the trucks pull away, you’ll have all the information you need to manage your new house and the peace and quiet to enjoy it.

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