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What Is a Typical Day Like in Silicon Valley?

Whether you are a software engineer looking for work in Silicon Valley, looking to spend time in San Francisco, an entrepreneur looking to buy a home in the Bay Area, or simply someone with an admiration for Elon Musk and Tesla, you may be wondering what a typical day in Silicon Valley is like.

Let’s take a look at something you may be able to expect on a normal day in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley Daily Life

Daily life is obviously different for each individual person but during your time in Silicon Valley, you will likely see and hear a few things, one of which is the traffic that can be a bit too common in the area. Despite the traffic you may deal with living near the Bay Area, the people, views, and sights to see can make up for it.

Phrases You Might Here

Let’s learn some of the common phrases you may hear being in a land of entrepreneurship.

Bay Area

Don’t know what the Bay Area is? You’re in for a treat. To help you out, it refers to a northern region of California that includes San Francisco and the surrounding communities.

The Tesla of _____

Every new company wants to be Tesla or Apple, it’s not surprising considering how successful they’ve been. While some can try and use Steve Jobs’ 3 Step Mentality to try and better their leadership and organization, let’s face it: not everyone is Steve Jobs. Still, you may hear these phrases for any new tech company on the block.

Influencer Mentality

With the emergence of social media and influencer marketing, many new tech companies are jumping on the bandwagon and using things like Instagram Moments, Snapchat Stories, and more to advertise their products. Influencer mentality can refer to taking advantage of social media marketing and influencer advertising specifically.

Okay, this is great for some people, but let’s take a closer look at the actual location and what you might see during your time in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sites You’ll See

In the current world of participation trophies, the dog-eat-dog world of Silicon Valley can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but luckily you’ll have awesome views and places you can check out on a day off or before or after work.

Palo Alto Bayland Nature Preserve

If you need to escape to nature, the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve is perfect for you. It is home to nearly 2000 acres of undisturbed marshland and is perfect for a quick getaway for some hiking or birdwatching.

Philz Coffee

If you’re looking for a fun spot to get a bite to eat or just a coffee, Philz Coffee is an awesome spot that has a great location in the San Francisco Bay Area that’s also a member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

Computer History Museum

If you’re trying to stay in the mindset of a software engineer, the computer history museum is a perfect spot for you. The museum hosts numerous stories and artifacts from Silicon Valley and the information age.

Golden Gate Bridge

Ah, yes, of course, we have to include this, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is the first thing people think of when thinking of San Francisco. It is gorgeous, but if you visit be aware that it can get cold. It is not all warm days here in the Bay Area, you may want to bring a weighted blanket.

If these things sound appealing to you, or if you simply need to move for a business, it may be time to find a home in the area.

Buy a Home in Silicon Valley

If you are looking to buy a home in Silicon Valley and need help, our team at Silicon Valley and Beyond can help you. While tech start-ups can notoriously begin in garages, living at a parent’s house especially after a certain age may be hindering your company’s growth. Time to take a step forward.

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