Voljet’s Luxury Private Jet Travel Experience

VolJet is redefining luxury air transportation for the discerning traveler, making the private jet experience more accessible and affordable without compromising amenities. For business or leisure travelers living in Menlo Park, Redwood City and throughout the Silicon Valley

Created by three female entrepreneurs, VolJet’s revolutionary online reservation system connects travelers with analogous itineraries, forming groups to share in the cost of hiring a private or business aircraft, saving up to 70% of a normal private jet charter cost. An “elite-seat” marketplace for premium travelers, VolJet works with FAA certified operators that provide the highest industry standards for safety, reputation and business ratings. This preferred network offers multiple categories of jets that are paired with travel departure locations and destinations, and group size. Travelers or their personal assistants can also book commercial airline travel from VolJet’s website, mixing and matching private and commercial air travel options all from one booking tool.

Fly Private
According to their website, “VolJet is the only online jet charter website connecting people to share a private jet, charter their own business jet, and reserve a commercial airline seat. Book your own charter jet flight for the ultimate luxury travel experience, saving time and money for people who would like to fly private.”

Once your flight is booked, share your itinerary with friends using VolJet’s smart social media feature, inviting them to join your group if space is available. When creating a group, the flight and availability are posted on VolJet’s website, allowing other travelers to book passage on the flight, subsequently reducing your travel cost.

“VolJet.com offers those who want to save time and money unprecedented options to fly on private jets,” said VolJet Co-Inventor, Co-Founder and CEO Susan Sloan.

Save Time
In addition to maximizing value while enjoying an incomparable method of travel, VolJet customers also save time. Access to local airports circumvents the congestion of major hubs while also simplifying the arrival and departure process, including expedited baggage claim. Since all flights are direct to your end destination, transfers and layovers are avoided as is the necessity to arrive hours in advance of your flight.

VolJet’s prestigious private jet travel experience offers a variety of benefits including:
• Real-time, reliable and secure online reservation system
• Arrive on time, rested and ready to go
• Share in the cost of private air travel
• Decrease delays and layovers
• Minimize or eliminate airport check-in stress
• Minimize travel time
• Network of FAA safety certified aircraft operators
• Access to convenient, less crowded airports
• Mix and match private and commercial air travel

The innovative VolJet reservation system offers immediacy, flexibility and security to their elite clientele, providing a seamless private travel experience from booking to boarding at a reduced cost while offering the luxury and amenities of private charter flights.

For more details on their all-in-one premium service, visit VolJet’s website.