Top Luxury Home Trends: Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are a highly desirable luxury home trend. Ideal for entertaining, meal preparation and relaxing, these extensions of indoor rooms are being incorporated more and more often in Menlo Park residences as well as in yards around the Silicon Valley.

Large glass walls or multiple French or sliding doors are the primary method of blending interior rooms with exterior living spaces. Often, a continuation of materials such as slate or other durable flooring is carried over from inside to out, offering an additional seamless extension of space.

If designed properly, an outdoor living space can be used year-round. By having covered portions of the exterior room as well as fireplaces or fire pits, you can comfortably dine or entertain outside even when it’s chilly or damp. The ultimate backyard living room also includes high-tech amenities such as WiFi, televisions and speaker systems.

Another key attribute of this luxury home trend is a well-appointed kitchen. A fully equipped outdoor kitchen allows the cooking of a complete meal thanks to pizza ovens, top-of-the-line BBQs, beverage coolers, ice-makers, sinks and ample preparation space.

Below are tips for designing an outdoor living space that offers the ideal balance of function and fashion.

  1. Connect to key indoor rooms-Design outdoor space around key interior rooms, such as Living or family Rooms, kitchens or Master Suites.
  2. Establish traffic patterns-Consider how you expect your exterior space to be used, including patios and decks, outbuildings, water features and landscaped areas. Lay formal walkways or casual pathways, plant trees and bushes to establish corners and borders, all of which lead people in and around the entire space using a natural flow.
  3. Light the way-Include a variety of lighting to create a mood as well as provide task lighting in key areas such as the outdoor kitchen or areas where people might read.
  4. Create a focal point-Every room, even those outdoors, needs a focal point. This could be a stunning outdoor fireplace, a piece of furniture or water feature.
  5. Include a fire source-Outdoor rooms need a source of warmth, be it a more flexible fire-pit or a stunning outdoor fireplace. This will often be where family and friends gather.
  6. Incorporate a multitude of seating options-Add comfortable couches, chairs nestled for intimate conversations, hammocks for lounging, stools, benches and even kid-friendly seating. This invites a variety of socializing, from groups to smaller, more private gatherings.
  7. Strategically shield the view-For areas where a bit of privacy is desired, use potted plants, trellises or shrubbery to create a verdant barrier.
  8. Create dedicated zones-Decks, patios and covered spaces as well as the use of rugs and furniture establish distinct rooms for dining, relaxing and entertainment.
  9. Incorporate color-Use cushions, rugs, table linens and outdoor artwork to add a boost of color and liven up your outdoor space.

A top luxury trend for a reason, a well-designed outdoor living space extends the square footage of your Menlo Park home, opening up the possibilities for large gatherings, entertainment, relaxation and dining whatever the time of year.

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