Top Kitchen Trends of 2019

HomeAdvisor Smart Home Strategist, Dan DiClerico says, “Wellness is going to be a huge theme for 2019. Many people are living longer, healthier lives, and they’re looking to the kitchen to support those efforts.” This movement means homeowners in Silicon Valley and beyond are installing sliding glass walls to create indoor-outdoor spaces, incorporating calming blue and green tones to their kitchen décor, and investing in appliances and smart home technology that enable them to cook healthy meals at home.

Here are the top kitchen trends for 2019:

Indoor-Outdoor Flow

DiClerico says that trends are moving away from the Great Room concept and moving toward designing kitchens that open onto outdoor dining and entertainment areas. California’s incredible climate allows for outdoor living almost year-round and because of this, connecting the indoors with the out to create a seamless space is something many homeowners want to achieve. Expansive sliding glass doors and glass panel walls are an ideal way to bring outdoor gathering areas into the kitchen. In addition to increasing livable space and creating an indoor-outdoor flow, glass expanses also let in natural light, which is beneficial for enhancing sleep, increasing our feeling of happiness as well as promoting overall wellbeing along with brightening up your interior.

Appliances That Boost Healthful, Fast Cooking

There is a movement among many to eat more healthy foods prepared at home. With so many people pressed for time, appliances that allow homeowners to cook quick, nutritious, and delicious meals are a hot commodity.

“Manufacturers are really picking up on the wellness trend and trying to give consumers as many options as possible for cooking healthy meals at home in the kitchen,” states DiClerico.

The healthy appliance headliners include:

  • Electric pressure cookers (otherwise known as multi-cookers)
  • Steam cookers
  • Professional grade blenders
  • Vacuum sealers built into drawers

Steam cookers are ideal to whip up tender dishes without adding oil, butter, or other fats while vacuum sealers help keep prepared foods fresh. High-end blenders are a necessity for breakfast smoothies and creating creamy soups while multi-cookers boil, simmer, bake, deep fry, grill, stew, brown, and steam foods as well as function as slow cookers.

Incorporating Column Refrigerators

Column refrigerators allow homeowners to create fresh and frozen food storage based on their lifestyle. Each unit is free-standing versus a fridge-freezer combo, allowing homeowners to pair a larger refrigerator and smaller freezer together, or vice versa as their dietary needs require. By far the biggest benefit of column units is the ability to customize. Wine lovers can even integrate a wine fridge for the perfect trio of food storage.

Technology, Technology, Technology

Smart home technology that can change lighting or open and close blinds with a voice command remains a hot trend. With a few words, lighting can be increased in the kitchen when working and reduced to a more inviting level when sitting down to enjoy a meal. Lighting is a key aspect of this wellness trend as it can enhance visual acuity when working then warm up a space to promote one’s appetite and set a pleasant mood.

Blue & Green Hues

The classic crisp white kitchen isn’t a thing of the past but tranquil blues and serene greens are bursting onto the scene especially with accent cabinets, accessories, and even appliances. Muted blue tones as well as navy and denim palates coupled with decorative metal hardware that moves from a darker finish to a lighter one make a bold yet calming visual statement, especially when coupled with crisp white countertops.

What’s Not So Hot

For years, marble, granite, and stainless steel were all the rage when it came to kitchen trends but these materials are slowly losing their luster with homeowners, who are looking for surfaces such as quartz and black stainless appliance that are more durable and easier to clean.

2019 trends are all about embracing wellness at home. With the incoming New Year come new kitchen trends that merge quick, healthful cooking and high tech along with calming, muted colors to create an inviting indoor-outdoor space that promotes wellbeing for homeowners, their families, and friends.

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