The Value Of A Personal Concierge

A burgeoning industry built on assisting busy people in Menlo Park as well as throughout the Silicon Valley, a personal concierge, also referred to as a personal assistant, takes on a multitude of tasks from the simple to the complex. By handing off your To Do list to a personal concierge, you gain productivity and time while reducing stress.

A French words that means ‘gatekeeper’ or ‘keeper of the keys’, this position dates back to ancient French times when royalty employed a concierge whose role was to attend to the needs to guests and to ‘keep the keys’ of all castle rooms. Hotels offer guests concierge services as a value-add amenity and the use of a concierge eventually spread to a variety of businesses including office complexes as well as academic and medical centers.

Once only considered a necessity at work for top-level executives, utilizing a personal concierge is becoming a necessity for many busy Silicon Valley families. Much more than someone who just ‘runs errands’, a personal concierge is more of a ‘second you’, understanding your requirements, tastes and preferences and accomplishing critical tasks in the same manner.

A personal concierge needs to be highly resourceful, astute, discreet and pro-active, and tends to have a background as an Executive Assistant, Event Manager, Hotel Concierge, Project Manager, or any position which requires logical problem solving, co-ordination, attention to detail and completeness.

How can a personal concierge help you?

  1. Household services
    Schedule and oversee vendor meetings and repairs, from simple things like meeting your Internet company at your home to more extensive home remodeling and home renovations.
    House and pet sitting services
  1. Administrative support
    Calendar management, appointment scheduling, booking reservations, travel arrangements and paying bills are all key support roles offered
  1. Event planning
    All aspects of planning and execution of small dinners parties to large-scale events, including weddings
  1. Organization
    Reorganize closets, pantries, cabinets, garage or office spaces including donation or disposal of unwanted items
  1. Relocation services
    Management of a move across town or across the country from start to finish, including getting quotes from and scheduling movers, turning off utilities, overseeing packing, and ensuring your new home is set up and ready to go
  1. Personal shopping
    Management of weekly errands including grocery shopping, purchasing gifts for family or clients, picking up and dropping off dry cleaning.

Benefits of a personal concierge

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Convenient
  3. Tailored to your individual needs
  4. Simplifies your life
  5. Saves times
  6. Reduces stress
  7. Able to do what you want to do
  8. Shrink your To Do list

Depending on the concierge you employ, they may bill hourly, on a monthly retainer or by project. Enlisting the help of a personal concierge skilled in a variety of areas enables you to hand off numerous day-to-day tasks, knowing they will be completed on time and to your personal preference. This valuable service allows you to get everything accomplished while freeing up your leisure time to enjoy family, friends, travel and all the important things in life.