The Plum Automatic Wine Dispenser

Wine enthusiasts rejoice! You will never have to pour any portion of a bottle of wine down the drain again. The Plum automatic wine dispenser is a revolutionary appliance that preserves and chills wine for up to 90 days. The ideal blend of sophisticated technology and sleek appearance makes this innovation a must-have for wine connoisseurs in Silicon Valley and Beyond.

Plum has been featured in numerous media and periodicals, such as Architectural Digest, Forbes, engadget, CNBC, USA Today, and more. Each offers kudos for the appliance, saying it will revolutionize the world of wine.

”Discerning oenophiles had better make space on their kitchen counters.”

“Even when the touchscreen is powered off, the Plum is something to behold.”

“It’s time to toss out every wine gadget you have and check out Plum. Indeed, this is the most excited I’ve been about wine appliance in decades.”

“Wine enthusiasts require high quality, Plum reflects that commitment to its products as well.”

With over 4,500 wineries, California is renowned for its incredible varietals, offering the quality and prestige once held only by European winemakers. Those who appreciate fine wine can now ensure they are able to enjoy each bottle to the fullest without having to balance moderation and preservation.

“Sometimes, you just want a glass. After a long day, enjoy a glass of white or red without pouring wine down the drain. Plum lets you put any two bottles on tap and serves as much or as little as you want.”

“The ultimate tricked-out wine storage,” Plum is a fully-automated, high tech home appliance that uses argon gas to preserve each bottle of wine for up to 90 days. Without having to remove the foil enclosure, (wax seals must be removed to avoid obstructing the needle) a motorized needle punctures the natural or artificial cork or screw cap, allowing the perfect pour while infusing the bottle with argon gas, which guards against oxidation. Each needle is designed to last for more than 300 bottles of wine, so average users should only need to exchange them once every few years. The integrated, reusable canister preserves up to 150 standard bottles of wine before it needs to be refilled.

Plum houses two 750ml wine bottles, chilling them at the ideal temperature. Though Plum will chill Chardonnay to 48 and a Cabernet at 66 degrees, it also allows the user to customize temperatures based on personal preference. Plum has pre-set servings including a five-ounce pour and a one-ounce tasting. Just as with the temperature, the pours can be personalized.

Each bottle of wine is cradled at a 55-degree angle in a lit chamber that includes an HD camera, which scans the label to auto-identify specifics about the wine. It will provide details on varietal, vintage, the region in which the grapes were grown, the winery that produced it, and the wine itself. Each bottle has its own spout to retain the integrity of the wine while built-in sensors trigger an automatic cleaning process.

With a sleek, compact design constructed of winery-grade materials, Plum’s black and stainless-steel complements other kitchen or wet bar appliances. The 7-inch full color touchscreen has a proximity indicator, lighting up to artfully display the wine labels. According to the website, “Plum’s integrated cameras instantly detect every bottle added, photograph the label and send it to a cloud database of more than six million wines. The accuracy is more than 95%, but you can always adjust any of your wine details through the integrated touchscreen.”

For the frequent entertainer, Plum allows guests to serve themselves, pouring the ideal amount of white or red wine at the ideal temperature. Multiple Plum automatic wine dispenser units can be combined to create a diverse wine menu of different varietals. Or, for that treasured bottle you’ve been saving for a special occasion, you can be sure to enjoy it to the fullest over a few days or savor it for much longer.

Currently, Plum only works with still wine; sparkling wines or champagne will not retain their effervescence. It will work with unfiltered wines, keeping 80-90% of the sediment in the bottle as a result of the angle at which the bottle is stored. The unit is designed so that any minor amount of sediment that does pass through the needle will not cause clogging.

Plum is wine high tech at its finest. With a quad-core 1.2 Ghz processor, 1 GB of RMA, and 2.4Ghz b/g/n WiFi and wired Ethernet port, users can control the device via a Web App. Plum supports more than 98% of commercially available wine. It can house standard 750ml bottles up to 3.5″ in diameter, and between 11-13″ in length. Empty argon containers can be returned directly to Plum and swapped for a filled canister. Each Plum unit runs about $2,500 plus tax and shipping.

If you are an oenophile, love to entertain, or simply enjoy a glass of wine, it is time to toss out all of your other wine gadgets and treat yourself to the penultimate wine appliance – the Plum automatic wine dispenser.

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