The Mythbusters Jamie & Adam Unleashed

The “Mythbusters Jamie & Adam Unleashed” is a new, fast-paced live show with on-stage experiments and audience participation. Taking place at venues across the United States in November and December, the Bay Area has two shows, December 8th at DeAnza’s Flint Center for the Performing Arts and in San Francisco at the Orpheum Theatre on December 19th.

Since 2006, the Mythbusters television series has been using science to prove or bust a variety of urban legends, rumors, movie scenes, Internet videos and more. The Emmy-nominated reality show, which will wrap up in 2016 after 14 seasons, is one of the Discovery Channel’s most popular and longest running series with 248 episodes and 2,950 experiements. The show’s hosts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hynemann, work and film out of Hynemann’s effects workshop, M5 Industries, based in San Francisco. The live show will bring all the Mythbuster science, fun and experimentation front and center.

Perfect for all ages, the show’s reviews have been outstanding. Entertaining, engaging and awe-inspiring all while promoting an interest and understanding of science through the use of live experiments and demonstrations, interactive audience participation and videos woven together with rock music, entertainment and the Mythbusters themselves, Adam and Jamie.

Jamie Hynemann founded M5 Industries, a studio that has done visual effects for commercials and movies for over twenty years, which has served as the headquarters for Mythbusters since its inception. Hynemann got his first special effects break working as an uncredited effects crew member on the movie Top Gun.

Adam Savage has a background in industrial design and special effects and also began acting at a young age. By the age of nineteen, Savage decided that acting wasn’t as fulfilling as ‘doing things with his hands’, that is until Mythbusters came along, the perfect blend of performance and special effects.

Tickets for Mythbusters Unleashed are on sale now, either at Ticketmaster or at the venue box office. There is a VIP package that includes a ‘meet and greet’ with Adam and Jamie, an autographed photo as well as an opportunity to take pictures with the hosts.