The Buyer Process

Step 1

Get the best talent you can possibly find, and lean on all of your advisors. The very first step to buying your home is to hire a REALTOR®.

Step 2

The next phase of your home buying journey involves defining what the ideal home means to you and shopping for that home.

Step 3

Great news! The seller has accepted your offer! Now you will need to wire your earnest money deposit to the title company and curtail any extra spending.

Step 4

Your buyer inspections are done and everything looks good, or we’ve successfully negotiated necessary repairs with the sellers. This is a huge milestone and allows us to continue to move forward.

Step 5

You’re getting close to the finish line! Time to prepare the balance of your down payment and do a final walk through.

Step 6

Escrow has closed and you are officially a homeowner! We can finally hand over the keys to your new home.