Super Bowl 50 at LEED-Certified Levi Stadium

A few miles to the east of Sunnyvale stands Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers and in true Silicon Valley fashion, the most technologically advanced, environmentally friendly NFL stadium in the United States. In addition to being a LEED-certified facility, Levi’s Stadium is hosting Super Bowl 50 a mere 18 months after it first opened its doors in July 2014.

Super Bowl 50 is also being called the Golden Super Bowl because not only is it taking place in the Golden State of California, it’s being held in the home venue of the San Francisco 49er’s (named after those seeking their fortune during the gold rush) and to signify the 50th anniversary’s ‘golden’ status. The event also holds special significance as the first Super Bowl was held in California in 1966 and Super Bowl 50 will be the first held in Northern California since the Miami Dolphins and 49ers went head to head in 1985.

Not just about game day, Super Bowl 50 is a celebration of events held in ‘Super Communities’ around the Bay Area. According to the Super Bowl 50 website, this golden anniversary event is redefining the Super Bowl and will be ‘loud, proud, inclusive and authentic, just like the Bay Area’. Upcoming happenings include Run the Road to Super Bowl 50, Gridiron Glory Pro Football Hall of Fame Exhibit, Super Bowl City Public Village, the interactive NFL Experience where among other things, fans can meet the players, and Super Bowl Opening Night. A list of events cans be found on the official event calendar.

Levi’s Stadium is LEED Gold certified, the third highest level of accreditation, and has incorporated a number of measures to reach this goal. Located on a sustainable site, it has easy access to public transportation, it used recycled and reclaimed building materials and products, including the wood in the Citrix Owners Suites which is all reclaimed from an airplane hanger at Moffett Field in Mountain View, it has a 27,000 square foot living roof, and uses solar panels to generate electricity.

In keeping with the stadium’s minimalist environmental impact, sustainability is also a key element for Super Bowl 50 and all of its events. The four areas of focus include 1.

  1. Using resources and materials in a responsible manner
  2. Reducing the impact on climate change
  3. Inspiring fans to personally embrace sustainability
  4. Leaving a progressive legacy for the Bay Area

With it’s far-reaching community events, technological venue and the thrill of game day itself, Super Bowl 50 is sure to be a historic event in Sunnyvale as well as throughout the Silicon Valley and beyond. Tickets are on sale now for the various Super Bowl 50 events on but tickets for the big day are still not up for grabs. They will be available soon at or