Stanford to Break Ground on New Redwood City Campus

After over ten years of planning, Stanford University is poised to break ground on the initial phase of its Redwood City campus. In addition to its proximity to the University’s main campus near Palo Alto, Stanford chose to work with Redwood City because it is “progressive, economically innovative and open to collaboration”, making the city an ideal partner for its inaugural expansion project.

Located at the former Mid-Point Technology Park about a mile from downtown and 5 miles from the primary Stanford University campus, this development will be the first noteworthy extension outside of the main campus. Incorporating a variety of architectural styles but meeting an elevated aesthetic standard, the auxiliary campus will allow for a variety of uses including medical, research & development, academic and office space. The Redwood City campus will operate cohesively with the principal University campus and will embody the same spirit, culture and mission. The site expansion will be developed in stages, with the first phase set to open in early 2019.

Campus Project Timeline

In 2005, Stanford purchased 45 acres and eight buildings in the Mid-Point Technology Park. From 2008 through 2013, the University worked closely with Redwood City submitting applications for development, undergoing public hearings, planning commission reviews, environmental impact studies, community meetings as well as the creation of guiding principles for the ongoing relationship between the University and the city. By September of 2013, all final approvals were received. 2014 and 2015 were spent designing Phase 1 of the campus.

Stanford’s campus expansion is part of the Redwood City Precise Plan, a blueprint for the development and ‘renaissance’ for various areas of the city, including its downtown, North Main Street and Kaiser Medical Center to name a few.

Community Benefits Stanford will provide upwards of $15 million in public remunerations to Redwood City as part of its partnership with the city. These benefits include funding for a variety of projects, sustainability features and infrastructure improvements.

Some of the improvements to be implemented by the University include:

  • Creation of 2.4 acre publically accessible green space through the campus
  • Neighborhood streets enhancements in Friendly Acres, Redwood Village and North Fair Oaks
  • Bus shelter and bicycle lane improvements
  • Emphasis of sustainability in building and landscaping design and operations, especially as applied to energy, water and air quality
  • Inclusive upgrade and expansion of all sidewalks on the site to improve the walkability of Bay and Broadway

For a sneak peek into what the Stanford Redwood City campus will look like, click here for some project renderings.

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