Smart Home Trends: ADT’s Pulse

Wired homes allow us to manage our home’s systems remotely using our Smartphone, tablet or computer as a ‘central command’. Deemed one of the six coolest smart home trends, ADT recently previewed their Pulse® app at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Homes in Los Altos and throughout Silicon Valley are sure to incorporate this technological innovation.

Manage Your Home With Your Voice

“You speak, your home listens.” Using IFTTT wireless web technology and online connectivity, the ADT Pulse® app enables homeowners to manage the comfort, security and energy efficiency of their home with voice commands. Arm or disarm security systems, turn on and off lights, manage your thermostat settings, view real-time video feeds and more from any location. The app itself offers the ultimate in security with its vocal password protection.

Features of ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse has a variety of options that offer a comprehensive smart, automated home experience.

  • Wireless security cameras for visual home monitoring
  • Save money and energy by setting your home’s thermostat based on your schedule and lifestyle
  • Remotely disarm your alarm and unlock the front door for quick, easy access
  • Program your lights to come on before you arrive home, or at set times while your away
  • Control some small appliances

Stay Informed

The App also will send email or text alerts of expected or unexpected events occurring at your home in Los Altos, keeping you informed whether you’re at work, away on business on vacation or just out and about. The system sends notifications when your passcode is entered into your home keypad or if the motion detectors sense unanticipated activity.

Smartphone apps for ADT Pulse are available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android users. If you’re in the market for an automated home, ADT’s Pulse is definitely considered one of the top smart home trends.