Smart Home Trend: Tile

The average person misplaces about 3,000 items every year and then spends around 60 hours looking for lost items. Thanks to the Internet of Things, Tile, a tiny smart home device can help find lost keys, misplaced wallets or even help locate lost luggage or stolen items.

Using a combination of small ‘hardware’ devices in combination with an app downloaded onto a Smartphone or tablet, Tile uses wireless Bluetooth connectivity to track and communicate the whereabouts of your items. You can stick, tie or attach a Tile to just about anything.

Can’t find your keys? Use the app on your phone to send a signal to the hardware so it emits a loud ring. If the item isn’t close by, the app shows its last known location.

Can’t find your phone? Press a Tile device and it will trigger the app on your phone to ring loudly, even if it’s on silent. Pretty cool.

Multiple Tiles can be connected to the app, allowing you to attach a Tile to anything you want to track. Keys, luggage, handbags, laptops, bicycles, motorcycles, golf bags, wallets, drones, inside the glove compartment of your car, backpacks, briefcases, even pets (on their collar of course)! Next time your luggage goes missing on a trip, you’ll be able to track its location. If you can’t find your car in the parking garage when you return from vacation, Tile to the rescue.

And, Tile can help locate stolen or lost items by leveraging the Tile community-at-large. If someone with the Tile app goes near your item, his or her app will privately alert you to the item’s location.

Each Tile hardware device is durable, water-resistant and requires no maintenance or battery replacement/charging for 365 days. After a year, it is recommended Tiles be replaced, as exchanging the battery compromises the integrity of the device. One Tile costs $25 and there are discounts of up to 40% for purchasing in multiples. The accompanying app is free.

Using wireless technology, Tile is a smart home device that quickly and easily tracks all of your important items, saving you hours in lost time.