Six Home Décor Trends for 2021

We’ve all spent a lot of time in our homes this year, collectively discovering how vital our home is to our wellbeing. Of course, comfort and functionality are important, but spending time in a space that inspires appreciation, highlights individuality, and welcomes a connection with nature are all aesthetics that are being embraced in home décor trends for 2021.

Infusion of Nature

Biophilic design maintains its momentum in the home décor space. Infusing indoor areas with elements derived from nature brings with it a wellspring of health benefits, including reduced stress, higher creativity and productivity, and lower blood pressure — to name just a few.

Woods, natural stone, living plants, ceramics, wicker, and other natural materials draw upon our innate inclination to be one with our environment, infusing a sense of harmony and peace. Photographs and artwork that focus on destinations and travel have seen an uptick as people’s ability to vacation this year has been limited.

Elements of nature can be used in every room and incorporated to complement a homeowner’s style. In a home office or student study space, they can promote focused concentration; in bedrooms, a sense of serenity, and living spaces, infusing nature can encourage connection and conversation.

Creative with Color

Color can be controversial. Some people embrace bold, dominant hues while others prefer neutral, muted palettes. There is a place for both. Bright, rich colors, like Pantone’s Ultra Violet, offer vibrant complexity. Whether these tones are an accent or fully embrace a space is a personal preference.

Other top tonal contenders are powdery pinks, terracotta, honey, and mustard yellows, greens, and a soothing blend of blue, gray, and green called Oceanside.

Consider the desired mood when deciding upon which hues to use in any given space. Steer clear of lively colors in bedrooms, opting instead for soothing slumbering tones.

The Magic of Metal

Metals offer a touch of chic elegance and are an excellent addition to any aesthetic. Luxurious tones of silver and gold add glamour, while patinaed brass, bronze, and copper are more traditional. Metals mix well with marble, glass, and concrete and are a wonderful element to introduce as an accent or statement finish. Black-coated metals have a more strict and industrial appeal, especially when used in window casing and stair railings.

Metals can be mixed and matched. From gilded mirrors to statement lighting, plumbing fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, furnishings, and accessories, metals add a genuine touch of class to any space.

Taking Texture to the Wall

Texture adds dimension, complexity, and architectural interest to a room. Using vertical spaces to create a textural focal point takes this décor to a new level. In keeping with the biophilic aesthetic, using wood on walls pays homage to nature while providing heat and sound insulation.

Place wood horizontally, vertically, staggered, mix and match angles, thicknesses, and types. The options are endless. They can become, in and of themselves, a work of art. Exotic woods like mahogany and bamboo add a sophisticated luxury; reclaimed wood planks create a rustic appeal.

Retro Deco

Many styles have stood the test of time. Originating in the 1920s in France, the Art Deco movement embodies a modern, symmetrical luxury that many appreciate. Marble, precious woods, metals, and velvets are the hallmark of Art Deco. Also notable are the geometric patterns and sleek, stylized forms. Bursting with noble colors like amethyst, emerald, and sapphire, gilded details and mirrors galore, and a focus on balanced, organized space, thoughtfully chosen Art Deco pieces can coexist comfortably with other styles, including loft and Scandinavian.

Go Your Own Way

The most important trend of 2021 is to, well, ignore all the trends and, like Fleetwood Mac says, “go your own way.” Make your home your own. Choose the colors, patterns, textures, fixtures, and materials that speak to you and fit your personality, lifestyle, and design approach. Styles and trends come and go. But when homeowners draw upon their preferences and the things they love, their home will speak to their authentic selves, becoming a place of comfort and personal style that often outlasts those who feel the need to follow ever-changing trends.

As we’ve all learned from 2020, having a home that makes us feel at home is essential. 2021 home décor trends are a nod to the importance of nature, the past, how color affects our mood, and our individuality. There are many places to gain inspiration and ideas.

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