San Jose Virtual Reality Movie Experience Launches

Silicon Valley’s first immersive virtual reality entertainment experience launched this month at Cinemark Century 20 Theatre at Westfield Oakridge Mall in San Jose. Spaces is the organization behind this cutting-edge sci-fi technology that is over six years in the making.

Also available in Irvine and Tokyo, San Jose is the third global location equipped with Spaces virtual reality “portal to adventure” entertainment concept. Spaces provides a unique and ground-breaking technology where players are virtually teleported through time “into worlds beyond imagination, full of intrigue, excitement, and fun.”

“Termination Salvation: Fight for the Future,” which takes place in a futuristic, apocalyptic Los Angeles is the company’s inaugural multi-player experience. Each participant is outfitted head-to-toe in virtual reality equipment, including VR headsets by Menlo Park-based Oculus. In addition, the set is outfitted with dozens of motion tracking cameras and sensors along with Spaces unique technology to create an environment that feels, sounds, and looks like Los Angeles under attack.

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“The world shakes. The ground moves beneath you. There’s wind, heat from explosions, and water effects. It’s completely immersive,” said Shiraz Akmal Spaces CEO and Co-Founder.

Up to four players attempt to save the city from being dominated by Terminator-type robots. “Join the Resistance and battle Skynet on an epic team adventure! SPACES transports you and your friends into the heart of the action, your pulse pounding and every sense immersed as you fight to save humanity!“

Tickets are between $20 and $30 per person and can be purchased in advance online.

If you are looking for a “portal to adventure,” this engaging virtual reality experience offered by Spaces and Cinemark doesn’t disappoint. Cinemark Century 20 Theatre is located at 925 Blossom Hill Road in San Jose inside Oakridge Mall.

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