Rightsizing: Choosing the Right Home

Our final segment on rightsizing reviews what attributes to consider in your next home. For those rightsizing to a larger home, this process is simpler, since you will be gaining square footage and it’s easier to adapt to a larger space than a more intimate one. But if you are rightsizing to a home that is smaller, prioritizing what you need in a residence is essential.

For those moving from a spacious home to one that is cozier, keep these five essentials top of mind when looking for a home that is optimal for your current lifestyle.

1. Floor Plan

As we mentioned previously, most people spend 80% of their time in 20% of their home. If you are moving into a smaller residence, it is important that 20% is comfortable, inviting, and offers ample living space. Look for homes that have an adjoining kitchen and living area. This is where you will truly live in your home: relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying meals. It should be the largest area, with good natural light, flexibility on furniture placement, and good traffic flow. Odds are, you are rightsizing since you current home is too large so a spacious Master Suite isn’t crucial nor are extra bedrooms, a formal dining area and the like. Direct your primary focus to that main living space.

2. Safety

If you are rightsizing because your current home has physical obstacles and isn’t as safe for you at it once was, keeping your wellbeing in mind is paramount. Look for one-story homes that are on the ground level, especially if you’re looking into condos or townhomes. If your new home is one were you plan to age in place, look for wide doors and hallways, hard surface flooring, and curbless showers.

3. Location

On the heels of safety is location. Your new residence should be located in a safe neighborhood that offers easy access to amenities including shopping, health services, and transportation as well as outlets for socializing including libraries, community centers, parks, and museums.

4. Low Maintenance

Homes with small outdoor spaces and less square footage greatly reduce the time and money needed to maintain them. Condos and townhomes are often great options as they provide enjoyable community outdoor spaces. If a private outdoor area is important, look for a home with a small yard or patio area that is easily manageable.

5. Storage

Since you took the time to streamline all of your belongings prior to your move, you probably don’t require a lot of storage. But be sure to take storage into consideration when choosing your new residence. Are there ample kitchen and bathroom cabinets, closets for clothing, linens, and coats? And if you do need a garage, it is large enough for your car, remaining gardening equipment, or recreational items such as bicycles?

Whatever your reason for wanting to rightsize your residence, The Dawn Thomas Team is here to help you smoothly navigate the rightsizing process.

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