Quick Ways to Kick Up Your Curb Appeal

As Will Rogers once said, “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This statement definitely holds true when it comes to selling your home. Curb appeal is the critical factor toward achieving a fantastic first impression with home hunters. Below are quick, easy and inexpensive ways to kick up your home’s curb appeal.

Focus on the Front Door

As one of the very first things a buyer sees, your front door should really make a statement. Adding a fresh coat of paint in a color that differs yet enhances the overall hue of the exterior of your home makes it stand out. Ensure the door itself is devoid of any debris and has attractive hardware, possibly a gleaming kick plate and of course, an inviting welcome wreath, sign or doormat.

Enhance Your Entryway

The area leading up to your door should be pristine and inviting. A simple bench with a bright pillow or two, lush greenery in matching pots and gleaming outdoor light fixtures all add to enhance your entryway.

Pretty Up Your Postbox

A rusty, worn mailbox can definitely detract from the appeal of your home. Ensure the post itself is in good repair and freshly painted. Then turn to the postbox, making sure it’s clean and includes your street number in a prominent position. A simple mailbox is relatively inexpensive to replace.

Flower Power

Having neatly trimmed planter beds with bursts of color is a powerful way to boost your curb appeal. Pull weeds, prune overgrown bushes, tidy the edges of planting beds by adding or repairing borders and top off with strategically placed annuals surrounded with bark or mulch. A neat front yard draws the eye and implies that the inside of the home is also neat, clean and appealing.

Green is Good

Although the Bay Area is facing a historic drought and many homeowners in Menlo Park and surrounding cities are doing their part to reduce water usage, your lawn can indeed influence future homeowners. Following your city’s watering guidelines, do what you can to green-up your lawn. Replace dead spots by reseeding or adding in new sod patches and keep your grass neatly trimmed. If you’ve opted to let your lawn go brown, post one of the now common “Brown is the New Green” signs or look into having your lawn ‘painted’ a verdant, nontoxic green.

Down With Debris

The finishing touch is to ensure your driveway, paths and walkways, porches and even curbside areas are free from dirt and debris. Sweep dirt daily from all walking and driving surfaces then turn your focus upward, checking for and removing cobwebs in eves or around windows and outdoor lights. Wipe down your front door as needed and shake out/sweep beneath your welcome mat.

These key curb appeal DIYs offer quick, inexpensive results that can dramatically impact your home’s first impression, making it enticing to prospective buyers.