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How would you prepare to live in Silicon Valley?

It is always smart to prepare for a life in the area you plan to move. If you and your family are about to move to Silicon Valley, you’ll want to know a few things about the area before you arrive. There’s plenty you can discover with a quick scroll through Google Maps, but what do you really need to know about living in Silicon Valley, and how can you best prepare?

To answer this excellent question, here are our top five tips for homeowners new to our Silicon Valley neighborhoods.  

1) Start Your House-Hunt Early

Silicon Valley is a hot housing market. While subject to national trends, homes in Silicon Valley are always in high demand and bidding competition is common here. What this means for new buyers is that preparation is your best approach. Start your house-hunt early, online, and take advantage of the new 3D tour trend. Get a feel for homes in the area and your likes, dislikes, must-haves, and deal-breakers. Practice making the right decision fast so that when the perfect home and opportunity come along, you’ll be ready to close after a swift tour and inspection.

Have your paperwork and pre-approved loan ready (and your lender on-call for property-specific documents) to show sellers that you are ready to move quickly through closing.


2) Study Up on Earthquake Safety Measures

As a California homeowner, get ready to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe from earthquakes and their aftermath. Always have three (or more) days of emergency supplies in the house and keep a pair of thick-soled shoes in the car – in case of rubble when you’re away from home. Study earthquake safety practices both during and after a quake, then help your family learn and prepare to stay safe as well.

Silicon Valley homes are designed to withstand earthquakes. The best way to plan ahead is with a long-term maintenance savings for upkeep and the occasional home upgrade.


3) Contact a Silicon Valley Real Estate Team

Your best partner in finding the right Silicon Valley home is a local team of real estate experts. Silicon Valley is a unique and high-demand market where the most experienced successfully find and close on homes quickly after they are listed. Silicon Valley & Beyond will become your eyes, ears, and expertise locally. We will watch for homes with your must-haves, preferences, and price range, then streamline your ability to bid and close successfully.

If you’re preparing for a move to Silicon Valley, let our local real estate team do the leg-work while you make the rest of your preparations at home.


4) Adapt Your Wardrobe for Warm Weather & Layers

Most days in Silicon Valley will be sunny and warm, so prepare your wardrobe accordingly – especially if your workspace is business-casual. Lighten those fabrics and shorten those sleeves. But don’t forget a light jacket. Air conditioner and the occasional fog bank can transition you suddenly from sunny 70s to frigid 50s in just a few minutes. Be prepared with several light layers in every outfit.


5) Make Plans for Your Personal Vehicle

You can get around without a car in Silicon Valley, but the neighborhoods and shopping centers are not laid out for no-vehicle conveniences. Bikes & Motorcycles on the other hand, are extremely common and should be watched for in traffic. If you have a car, plan to bring it with you. If you don’t, consider leasing or buying a low-emissions or electric car when you get here.


6) Pack the Family Bicycles

Finally, don’t forget your own fun in the sun. Silicon Valley is the perfect place for bicycles and pets. With great schools and amazing parks (not to mention dog and bike friendly corporate campuses), you can expect to have plenty of outdoor fun. Pack the family bicycles and bring the family pets. You might even find yourself flying kites or taking up a sport to enjoy the grassy sunlit fields in every direction.

Making plans to move to Silicon Valley? Our team at Silicon Valley and Beyond is ready to help you find and close on the perfect new home in the area. In the meantime, focus on lightening your wardrobe and getting ready for your move. Contact us today to begin your expertly led Silicon Valley house hunt and home purchase.