Hello my name is Dawn Thomas and I’m with Silicon Valley and Beyond TV. I’ll be discussing with you relocation and how we can help you select an agent just about anywhere in the United States or across the globe.

Are you moving in or out of the Silicon Valley due to a job transfer, or do you potentially have a change in your family’s situation? Do you have any idea how to start the tedious process when it comes to making a potential move across country, or even internationally? We can help you.

Agent Anywhere screening is a free service provided by my team. We are members of national and international organizations which include the best Realtors on the globe. We will find an agent to help you in the area that you are moving either in or out of and interview agents on your behalf.

We know what questions to ask that will get you the service that you deserve and the results you want.

Agent Anywhere screening allows you to focus on the things that really matter: like the schools for your children, nailing down the details of your job, potentially learning a new language or whatever else you may need to accomplish prior to making this move. Put our years of education and networking to work for you. We are experts in finding Realtors around the world.

Thanks so much for tuning in today, this is Dawn Thomas with Silicon Valley and Beyond TV.