Hello my name is Dawn Thomas and I’m with Silicon Valley and Beyond TV. Today I’m going to talk to you about the importance of negotiations and why the person who represents you to either buy or sell a home should be an expert negotiator.

A good negotiator will remove themselves from the outcome, and strictly focus 100% on the needs of their client as well as what the other side wants. And the reason I say the other side is that it is a true meeting of the minds, you know, that’s the most successful type of a negotiation. It’s more of a, and I hate to use the cliche “win win”, but that’s truly where we have a transaction where all people are most happy.

I have a favorite saying; The power of negotiation is the ability to walk away and the skill is never having to.

And again, what I mean by skill is how long has somebody actually been practicing the art of negotiation. It’s not something that you’re born with, and it’s not something you learn in a day. I’m constantly practicing my art, and I believe that somebody who’s representing you needs to do the same thing in order to represent your interest best.

If you believe in the law of abundance like I do, there will always be another buyer that comes along if you’re a seller or another house that will come along if you’re a buyer.

If we’ve negotiated down to the last detail and they’re still not 100% happy with the offer, ultimately it’s their control, but I’ll look at them and say you know what let’s go out and find you another buyer or if you’re a buyer let’s go out and find you another house, that’s my job.

So again thanks so much for tuning in today, to listen to my discussion about negotiations and why it’s so important to have an expert on your side. My name is Dawn Thomas and this is Silicon Valley and Beyond TV.

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