Hello, my name is Dawn Thomas with Silicon Valley and Beyond TV and today I will be discussing marketing and selling your luxury property, for the highest possible price.

Number 1: Not all homes are created equally. Your luxury property deserves and requires a custom marketing program designed to highlight the unique qualities of your property in order for it to sell for the very highest possible price.

Number 2: Your Real Estate Team should understand that marketing to the masses will not sell your property for the highest possible price. By marketing to the masses, and not targeting specific groups of people who are in the socioeconomic circles that can actually afford your property, you will never sell it.

Number 3: A certified luxury home marketing specialist is trained in marketing luxury homes and has passed a rigid education and production guidelines to earn the designation. When contemplating selling your luxury property or your luxury estate look for a certified luxury home marketing specialist. This professional will not only possess superior negotiation skills they will also understand the needs of the affluent and therefore will be able to negotiate the very highest possible price for your property.

Thanks so much for tuning in today, my name is Dawn Thomas with Silicon Valley and Beyond TV.