Hello my name is Dawn Thomas and I’m with Silicon Valley & Beyond TV. Today we’re talking about the 7 reasons why hiring a Realtor who is technically savvy is so important to the success with your real estate transaction.

Number 1: And the bottom line is, it saves you time. A Realtor who has systems in place using technology will ultimately save you time.

Number 2: Using technology during negotiations in multiple offers can sometimes mean an added advantage to you. For instance I once had a buyer in Mountain View who was interested in a property that had just received a price reduction. The listing agent had her clients who were traveling in Europe and wanted to have me do a 72 hour response time. I said to her, there’s no reason for that, what we can do is I can send you the contracts, or them the contracts through discussion, to Europe. My client got the offer. We knew that there were other offers coming in and he won the property.

Number 3: Systems are key to keeping your transaction running smoothly, with less last minute tasks to complete. Systems will allow you to be able to access documents, in the cloud for instance, things using drop box, box.net, I personally keep all of my real estate transaction files in those type of cloud environments, under secure access.

Number 4: The information is always at your fingertips.

Number 5: Faster communication through texting smartphones, again cloud computing etc, can allow for faster transaction response times, faster communications from your Realtor, if you need an update, you know, a wide variety of reasons.

Number 6: Maximum exposure if you’re a seller, for your property, can get the absolute highest possible price. Nowadays marketing is far more important than creating flyers, placing a sign in the front yard, and listing a property on the Multiple Listing Service. Newspaper print doesn’t really work because 92% of the buyers are looking online. So what type of online and internet reach does the Realtor have for your particular property. Things like Facebook, Twitter, MerchantCircle, blogs, there’s a whole wide variety of internet marketing that can be done to get the property sold for a higher price as well as faster.

Number 7: Doing cloud computing and being more paperless is environmentally friendly. Being green means many things to many different people. With digital storage you’ll have all the important transaction documents scanned and stored in one place for future reference, while knowing it’s just better for the environment.

Thank you so much for tuning in today, this is Dawn Thomas with Silicon Valley and Beyond TV.

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