Hi, I’m Dawn Thomas with Siliconvalleyandbeyond.com, and I’ll be sharing the 5 Must Dos for Before you go Home Shopping in the Silicon Valley.

1. Unless you are an all-cash buyer, get pre-approved!
No seller will take an offer from you without a properly written pre-approval letter from a reputable lender. I know interest rates are important, but the lenders all get their money one way or the other. It’s most important to have a lender that knows our real estate micro-climate and can perform on time. Let me know if you’d like an introduction to a great lender.

2. Focus on: Location, location, location!
Do not focus on superficial things like shiny and new. Anything aesthetic can be changed, but location cannot. Live where you want to live and the rest will follow!

3. Look at properties that are not pretty. It’s not a beauty contest.
Did you know that 85-90% of buyers cannot see the potential in a property and will usually only buy a home that is completely turnkey? If you can put yourself in the 10-15% of the population that can see the future beauty of a home, you will be in the “less competition” swimming pool of buyers. Don’t be afraid to look at “ugly properties” with great locations!

4. Chose a Real Estate Professional who knows what they are doing!
Don’t just walk into an open house or work with a friend because you like these people. This is not a popularity contest!
Experience Counts – chose an agent that knows the market and can guide you through all of the nuisances of the fierce Silicon Valley market. Your Real Estate Professional’s ability to negotiate on your behalf will be the key to your experience and success in getting a home.

5. Step away from the computer and jump INTO the market!
You need to get yourself out and see properties! It’s the only way you’ll begin to understand the market and truly find out which neighborhoods you like and want to live in. Besides, your Real Estate Professional can educate you on the rest!

Thank you for joining us today, and once again this is Dawn Thomas with Siliconvalleyandbeyond.com.

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