Dog-Friendly Designs for Your Home

Pamper Your Pup – 5 Dog-Friendly Designs for Your Home

Let’s be honest, if you are anything like us, pets are family members. They love us unconditionally and fill our hearts and homes with happiness so we always want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible in their surroundings. In order to do that, we have compiled 5 of our favorite ways to incorporate pet-friendly designs throughout your home to make sure your fur baby is as healthy and happy as they make us.


Bathing Station

photos: Net Luxury, The Created Home and Blackband Design

Dirty paws and rain-soaked fur will no longer be a hassle when crossing your home’s threshold when a dog wash station is easily accessible. It not only protects furniture and floors from unnecessary messes but makes bath time easier for both man and beast. Available in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors, pet parents should not have a problem finding an option that meets their needs. Keep in mind the elevation or height of the station (think bending over while washing a wiggling hound) and that wet pups will undoubtedly shake and splash the surroundings.


Built-In Dog House

photos: The Creativity Exchange and Gabriel Builders

While some dogs enjoy sleeping outside despite rain, sleet or snow (we are looking at you, Siberian Huskies), not all pups are comfortable when the thunder rolls. In those instances, an indoor dog house would be ideal. While regular crates are not always visually appealing, finding a nook or cranny to transform into one is an aesthetically pleasing option. Think under the stairs with a gate that incorporates staircase spindles to tie the design together, or a cozy spot in lower cabinetry. This gives your canine a safe place to retreat when scared, tired or opting for some much-needed alone time.


Furniture-Inspired Dog Crate

photos: Kustom Kennels

For families who prefer to avoid the unsightly metal cages, consider dog crate furniture. A perfect example of multi-functional design, these pieces provide comfort for your pet while also serving as an attractive piece of furniture. From end tables and credenzas to nightstands and everything in between, these crates will look like a stylish element in the room instead of a utilitarian piece of dog equipment.


Feeding Station

photos: Collins Interiors, Net Luxury and Blackband Design

Including a built-in feeding station in your home just makes sense. While the raised bowls are more accessible to pets, especially older ones, the fact that they are built-in keeps owners from tipping the dishes over and sending kibble flying. If mishaps do occur, the hard surface makes cleaning them up a breeze. Another way to add functionality to a feeding station is to incorporate a pot filler, allowing minimal effort when it’s time to fill up the water bowl. In the end, you get the best of both worlds – beauty and function!


Room Separators

photos: Design Milk, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Yellow Brick Home

While many of us enjoy having our furry friends part of our daily lives, there are times when a room needs to remain pet-free. In those instances, no one wants to detract from the beauty of their home by utilizing unsightly baby gates that can be a hassle to handle and open. This is where built-in separators that blend seamlessly into the home’s aesthetic could come into play. From hinged gates to sliding doors that can be hidden when not in use, there are plenty of options. For those who prefer not to have a fixed design, consider a stylish freestanding gate that can easily be moved and adjusted.




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