a yellow-orange house with a large front yard in Crescent Park, Palo Alto, CA

MLS Crescent Park, Real Estate in Palo Alto, CA

“One of Palo Alto’s signature neighborhoods, Crescent Park delivers serenity and consummate elegance in a convenient locale.”

Blossoming Magnolia trees line the lanes of peaceful Crescent Park (MLS # 239) while graceful pre-war mansions sit upon expansive emerald lawns. Striking Tudors, Monterrey Mission, and Mediterranean homes intermingled with equally impressive small pre-war dwellings and post-war California ranch residences. These combine to create a gorgeous and impeccably maintained neighborhood with an active real estate market. It’s not a wonder Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg chose the borough of Crescent Park in which to live.

Crescent Park is perfectly located for convenient access to Palo Alto’s University Avenue shopping district as well as the main commuter corridor of Highway 101. Residents also enjoy the recreational opportunities presented by Eleanor Pardee Park, the second-largest green space in the city. Half of the park is developed, offering playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking paths while the other half is graced with a notable community garden and memorial grove.

The collective characteristic of Crescent Park is one of dignity, serenity, elegance and a commitment of residents to exquisitely maintaining their homes, no matter the size, style, or maturity. For many high-end buyers, owning a home in Palo Alto’s premier Crescent Park definitely says, “I’ve arrived”.

Favorable Attributes
  • Serene, graceful and impeccably maintained neighborhood
  • One of Palo Alto’s premier, high-end residential districts
  • Multitude of architectural styles on larger lots
  • Downtown shopping and restaurants conveniently accessible
  • Access to well-regarded Palo Alto schools
  • Eleanor Purdee Park offers outdoor recreation opportunities

History of Crescent Park, Palo Alto

Originally part of Rancho Rinconada del Arroyo de San Francisquito, or “ranch at the bend in San Francisco Creek”, early district restrictions called for minimums: minimum lot sizes, minimum property costs of no less than $10,000, and the rule that no owner could keep farm animals such as cattle, horses, pigs or poultry on their property. These stipulations did much to establish Crescent Park as a high-end borough from the outset.

San Francisco physician and Palo Alto pioneer, Dr. William Newell, purchased a small 60-acre plot in 1864 that was carved from rancho land. Crescent Park saw its beginnings with the construction of Dr. Newell’s residence in 1866. A California State Senator also resided here in the early 1900s. Originally a Victorian cottage, the dwelling underwent numerous renovations over the years and by the time it was purchased by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in 2011, this quaint cottage on Edgewood Drive had transformed into a 5,600 square foot Arts & Crafts estate situated on a 17,000 square foot lot.

Residential development in the borough ignited in the late 1920s and into the 1930s. Many of the historic homes constructed during that time still stand today, including the residences of local celebrity architects Julia Morgan and Gardner Daily. Those who call Crescent Park home revel in the borough’s heritage, appreciating its inherent nostalgia and architectural significance.