a neighborhood view with houses in Miramonte, Mountain View, CA

MLS Miramonte, Real Estate in Mountain View, CA

“The safe and welcoming neighborhood of Miramonte along with its abundance of green space, recreational opportunities, and renovated homes make this borough a popular choice among homebuyers.”

The district of Miramonte (MLS #209) is situated along the Mountain View-Los Altos border and includes three sub-districts, Cuesta Park, Blossom Valley, and St. Francis Acres. Each of these areas is comparable in that they are primarily residential, their streets lined with single-family homes that were built in the 1950s and 1960s. Although many of these homes were constructed as modest, affordable housing for workers during the post-war tech boom, they are no longer the bargain they were 60 years ago.

Since their construction, many of these ranch-style homes have been renovated or remodeled, expanding their original 1,200 to 2,000 square footage as well as adding more modern amenities. The prolific remodeling coupled with the influx of high tech has transformed Miramonte into a region of luxurious, high-end properties.

Residents of the Miramonte district possess a deep-seated interest in keeping their streets safe and their neighborhood welcoming. There are more than a few neighborhood associations that host a number of events including the annual Halloween and 4th of July celebrations.

The considerable green space within the Miramonte district affords inhabitants an added level of livability. The crown jewel of Miramonte is its 25-acre Cuesta Park, which offers tennis courts, picnic grounds, a dog park, a playground, and a grove of redwoods. McKelvey Ball Park and the Mountain View Sports Pavilion provide athletic fields used for soccer, baseball, and other sports.

Trees line many a lane in Miramonte and many homes are within walking distance of Cuesta Park. The three sub-districts that make up this mature borough offer a high-end, hospitable environment for would-be homeowners.

Favorable Attributes
  • A welcoming neighborhood of high-end single family homes
  • Extensive green space including the 25-acre Cuesta Park
  • Extremely safe and friendly environment
  • Many homes remodelled and expanded
  • Tree-lined streets and mature landscaping

History of Miramonte, Mountain View

Like most of Mountain View and much of the valley itself, Miramonte was once replete with acre upon acre of fruit trees. Prior to 1950s, Cuesta Park was a “seemingly endless expanse of fruit orchards”. Benjamin Bubb, who, at age 12, relocated to Mountain View in 1849 from Missouri with his family, owned much of the property in this district. In 1868, following in the footsteps of his father, he purchased ranch land in the area. Bubb Park and Benjamin T. Bubb Elementary School were named after this early pioneer and were both constructed on ranch land formerly owned by Bubb.

Just as with much of Santa Clara County, with the arrival of the post-war 1950s came an influx of hopeful Americans lured by the promise of work and affordable new houses. To make way for these new California residents, plum apricot and prune orchards were plowed under and new, orderly streets lined with single-story houses were built.

Decades later, this post-war burb has morphed into a mature, prosperous, and welcoming neighborhood that is enticing to many homebuyers.