a neighborhood view in Rengstorff, Mountain View, CA

MLS Rengstorff, Real Estate in Mountain View, CA

“One of the smaller boroughs in Mountain View, Rengstorff offers affordability, commuter convenience, and a wide array of home styles.”

Located in the eastern part of Mountain View, Rengstorff (MLS #204) borders Palo Alto to the north and is one of the city’s smallest neighborhoods both in size and population.

Primarily commercial in nature, Rengstorff residents share the district with business offices, restaurants, and retail establishments such as Costco. Unlike North Bayshore, which is occupied by high-tech campuses, this borough does have pockets of single and multi-family dwellings.

Homes in Rengstorff offer an assortment of architectural styles and sizes, most at entry-level prices. A good portion of the 1940s and 1950s ranch homes have undergone renovation and during the 1960s, a number of mid-rise apartment complexes were constructed, offering additional housing options. Complementing some New England charm to the neighborhood is the 65-unit townhome Rock Street Cottage community, built in 2004 by Regis Homes.

For those who enjoy a borough bustling daytime borough and the immediate access to the city’s businesses and retail offerings, Rengstorff offers homebuyers an excellent starter location at a perfect price point.

Favorable Attributes
  • One of city’s smallest boroughs in both size and population
  • Offers entry-level affordability and an assortment of multi and single family dwellings
  • A combination of commercial and residential, this borough offers easy proximity to local services, shops and restaurants
  • High level of commuter convenience
  • Additional growth of residential developments offer more options

History of Rengstorff, Mountain View

Like the city itself, Rengstorff’s roots are agricultural, being one of the original areas occupied by ranchers in the 19th century. Early settlers bought up huge plots of land, which they cultivated for generations before selling, not to housing developers, but to pioneering high tech companies in the 1950s and 1960s.

Recently, Rengstorff has made a move toward increasing its residential development as signified by the construction of Regis Homes’ 2004 Rock Street Cottages.