a view of the North Bayshore's high-tech companies' sign

MLS North Bayshore, Real Estate in Mountain View, CA

“Once one of the finest residential neighborhoods in all of Mountain View, North Bayshore is now home-base for many of the Silicon Valley’s top high-tech companies.”

The district referred to as North Bayshore (MLS #202) is home to countless prominent high-tech businesses. In the southeastern corner of the city, corporate campuses galore fill the streets, among them the world-famous Google headquarters, otherwise known as the “Googleplex”, and the NASA Ames Research Center.

North Bayshore doesn’t offer much in the way of residential options, with the Santiago Villa Mobile Home Park being the only ‘suburban’ development. Employees of North Bayshore businesses who are looking for commutes that allow them to walk or cycle to work need only look at the neighboring district of North Shoreline.

Favorable Attributes
  • Location of many renown high-tech companies including Google and NASA
  • Borough’s only residential option is the Santiago Villa Mobile Home Park
  • Conveniently located adjacent to North Shoreline neighborhood
  • Accessible to Shoreline Amphitheatre

History of North Bayshore, Mountain View

Long before there was a Google or Microsoft, a highway 101 or Moffett Field, the area now known as North Bayshore was one of the finest residential boroughs in Mountain View, settled by the city’s early large property owners whose surnames are recorded for posterity among Mountain View’s street names.

Conrad Stierlin, a Swiss rancher and one of these early landowners, lived in the southeastern tip of the city from 1852 to 1964. Years later, what was the site of the Stierlin residence and farm, near Shoreline Boulevard and La Avenida, became a portion of Microsoft’s campus. Similarly, the Plymouth Street home of James Huff, another well-known early resident, eventually became part of Google’s campus headquarters.