a neighborhood in Sylvan Dale, Mountain View, CA

MLS Sylvan Dale, Real Estate in Mountain View, CA

“With tranquil Sylvan Park at its heart, the borough of Sylvan Dale offers prime access, plentiful housing, and an established, family-oriented community.”

Bordering both Mountain View’s Grant district and the city of Sunnyvale, Sylvan Dale (MLS #201) is a well-established neighborhood bursting with architectural options galore. Residents appreciate outstanding commute selections, including the ability to bike to a number of high-tech campuses as well as the availability to open space with access to the Stevens Creek Trail and its namesake, Sylvan Park. All of these amenities combined with its ample housing priced below $1 million make it a leading contender for Silicon Valley families and tech workers.

Like many Mountain View boroughs, housing in Sylvan Dale runs the gamut from multi-family mid-rise apartment buildings, townhomes, and condos to single-family dwellings that vary from modest to high-end. The 30-acre gated community of Cuernavaca was built in 1985 and is a collection of 170 Spanish-style homes and community amenities including a pool, park, and tennis courts. For homebuyers looking for newer construction, Shea Homes Mondrian is an excellent option while more modest California ranch dwellings built in the 1960s and 1970s are also available in Sylvan Dale.

Whichever location, price point, or architectural style a potential homebuyer chooses, the peaceful setting offered by Sylvan Dale is cohesive in its well-established neighborhoods, sizeable trees, wide sidewalks, and plush lawns as well as its deep-rooted sense of family and community.

Favorable Attributes
  • A mature neighborhood offering a multitude of housing styles
  • Access to Stevens Creek Trail and Sylvan Park
  • Peaceful, tree-lined borough
  • Real estate options from modest to high-end dwellings
  • Community and family-oriented
  • Exceptional variety of commute options

History of Sylvan Dale, Mountain View

Sylvan Dale is rooted in agriculture and, like so many other areas during the 19th century, was once covered with orchards of apricot, plum, and prune trees as far as the eye could see. Sylvan Dale retained its agricultural heritage until after World War II when its land underwent subdivision and residential development in areas near Sylvan Park and the gated community of Cuernavaca.