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Bookended on either side by Saratoga and Los Gatos, it’s tempting to think of Monte Sereno with its population of 3,500, as part of one of these two towns. After all, isn’t it the same sort of place as its neighbors, a heavily-wooded, hilly area populated by luxurious, high-end homes?

Yes and no.

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Monte Sereno is those things but it is also something else entirely. Its residents do frequent Saratoga and Los Gatos (the latter more frequently, as most of Monte Sereno’s children attend Los Gatos’ public schools) for shopping, dining, and other conveniences because they have to. There is no commercial district in Monte Sereno, only a small building that houses its City Hall and post office. There are no freeways, no public parks, and no sidewalks. Monte Sereno is a purely residential town. 99 percent of its homes are single-family residences perched on large lots surrounded by beautiful scenery. Monte Sereno, some locals might say, is as much a low-key state of mind as it is an actual city.

And this is what separates Monte Sereno residents from those in Los Gatos and Saratoga. They’ve come to this tiny town for exclusivity as much as for a daily sense of serenity that is difficult to attain anywhere else in Silicon Valley. Because it began its life as farmland and was never a timber or manufacturing center, Monte Sereno doesn’t have a typical grid layout. Most of its streets are cul-de-sacs, with only a handful, like Daves Avenue, providing access outside the sleepy town. Simply put, there is no reason to drive through Monte Sereno unless you live there.

Those looking for a spacious home on expansive, wooded lots can find both peace and convenience in Monte Sereno. Its southern edge sits only a few blocks from Los Gatos’ bustling Santa Cruz Avenue. For high tech commuters, it is 15 minutes from the Apple campus, 20 minutes from Yahoo and Google, and 25 minutes from Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters. This blueprint of serenity merged with accessibility makes Monte Sereno extremely popular among established professionals and their families. The median age of Monte Sereno residents is 49.7 years, more than 10 years older than the statewide median. Approximately three-fourths of local residents are married.

Monte Sereno is a unique town in Santa Clara’s West Valley offering an unsurpassed blend of seclusion, luxury, and convenience. Regularly appearing on lists of the most expensive Bay Area towns, it shares its Santa Cruz Mountain setting and exclusive real estate market with Saratoga and Los Gatos, both ten times it’s size. Monte Sereno takes those towns’ formulas a bit further. Here you will find the ultimate retreat; the ultimate small, quiet town, an Eden-within-the-metropolis, the ultimate family safe haven. “Entry-level” buyers can expect to spend at least $2 million to get into the neighborhood, with prices ranging all the way up to eight figures. It’s no wonder that the locals are content with letting their “big” city neighbors take as much of the spotlight as they want.

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