Homes in Menlo Park

“The borough of Willows/O’Connor offers a comprehensive selection of attractive homes, a convenient location, great schools and a thriving real estate market, making it a key contender for professionals and young families.”

Developed in the 1920s and originally referred to as “North Palo Alto” in an endeavor to capitalize on the Palo Alto name, the large neighborhood of The Willows/O’Connor (MLS #308) was once part of Isaiah Wood’s, Ravenswood, incorporated by Menlo Park in the 1940s.

Offering ease of accessibility, well-regarded Menlo Park schools and a diverse blend of architectural styles, The Willows has seen property value skyrocket of late due to the influx of Silicon Valley professionals and young families. A generously sized borough, The Willows has a multitude of sub-neighborhoods, each with its own distinct atmosphere. Housing options are equally extensive and diverse, from 1920s bungalows to contemporary. Inventory is also significant with a wide range of prices reflecting its similarly wide range of homes.

The Willows is a supportive, family-friendly community offering decades of expansion and evolution. Its accessibility, fantastic schools and active real estate market and “affordability” make it highly desirable for many would-be homebuyers wishing to live in the 94025 postal code.

Neighborhood Price Point

$800,000 – $2,400,000

Favorable Attributes
  • A conveniently located neighborhood of attractive homes
  • Each of its sub-boroughs offers its own unique style and atmosphere
  • Family-friendly community with access to the best Menlo Park schools
  • A thriving real estate market with an extensive variety of housing options

History of Willows/O’Connor Area, Menlo Park

The Willows began as part of Isaiah Churchill Woods, Jr.’s purchase of property in 1852. Backed by the Adams & Company Bank, Woods bought up 2,000-acres of land widening all the way to East Palo Alto, where he constructed a wharf. His ultimate goal was to develop his town of Ravenswood town to become the exclusive passenger and freight port between San Jose and San Francisco. His was the first town established in San Mateo County.

1855 brought with it economic uncertainty and financial anxiety, which derailed Wood’s ambitious plans. His land, including his 80-acre Woodside Dairy, was subdivided and sold, though the moniker Ravenswood remained for years afterward.

Cornelius O’Conner, an acquaintance of successful American businessman James Flood, purchased a number of parcels of Woods’ property throughout the 1860s, 70s and 80s. A street named in his honor as well as an alternative name for this Menlo Park borough indicates his involvement with