Homes in Menlo Park

“With its wide, quiet streets, lovingly maintained homes on large lots, superior schools, and sense of community, Central Menlo Park is the quintessential “American Dream.”

Central Menlo Park (MLS #303) is the shining star of Menlo Park, offering everything a homeowner could want within its boundaries. Here you will find impeccably maintained traditional homes on wide, quiet streets, stellar schools, friendly neighbors and a prized sense of community.

Many of the California ranch homes found in Central Menlo were built in the 1950s and 1960s when large-scale development began. Most have undergone at least one if not multiple renovations and some have even been rebuilt from the ground up. All of these homes are elegant, each with their own style but all receiving significant attention and resources inside and out.

Downtown is an easy walk or a quick bicycle ride away, and you will often see families riding to and from the quaint shopping district along Santa Cruz Avenue. Block parties are another commonplace event, especially in the warmer months.
Children in Central Menlo Park attend the top performing Menlo Park district schools while their parents have an easy commute to many of the Silicon Valley’s top employers.

The “American Dream’ of Central Menlo Park is perfection for those who live there and for many who’d like to.

Neighborhood Price Point

$1,800,000 – $4,500,000

Favorable Attributes
  • The ideal neighborhood
  • Well maintained and elegantly remodeled homes on spacious lots
  • Top performing schools
  • Prized sense of community and many annual neighborhood events
  • Wide, quiet neighborhood streets
  • Within walking distance to downtown Menlo Park

History of North Central, Menlo Park

Prior to World War II, Central Menlo Park was at the city’s western edge and included minimal settlement. Beyond Olive Avenue was a smattering of farmhouses, weekend cabins and a few estates owned by the local elite, such as Sharon Heights, the manor owned by Frederick Sharon.

In 1917, the US Army built Camp Fremont, a 7,200-acre World War I era military training base situated in Menlo Park. During its peak, Camp Fremont held 10,000 horses, 27,000 soldiers and was home to the 41st Division, National Guard and the 8th Division engineer corps. Menlo Park has the 8th Division to thank for its first paved roads and initial municipal gas and water services. By 1920, most of its 1,000 buildings were demolished, leaving only a few buildings behind, including a branch of Sequoia High School.