“Consistent demand for homes in Sharon Heights is due to idyllic post-war suburban setting, spacious homes on large, peaceful lots, convenience and unsurrpassed access to recreational resources.”

Set in the western hills of Menlo Park, Sharon Heights (MLS #301) is the ‘newest’ neighborhood in the city’s boundaries. Prior to its development in the early 1960s, it was the splendid estate of Frederick Sharon, son of Senator William Sharon. Today, Sharon Heights includes two timeless, upmarket post-war boroughs, the larger Sharon Heights and it’s much smaller neighbor, Stanford Hills.

The 4 streets of roomy, single story homes occupying 10,000 square foot lots that encompass Stanford Hills afford the 264 residents proximity to key commute corridors, including 280 and Sand Hill Road, as well as the Sharon Heights Shopping Center and Menlo Park’s quaint downtown. The single road access to Stanford Hills promotes incomparable calmness and community cohesiveness. Some of the 78 homes have Bay views while others are able to see Stanford University’s 285-foot Hoover Tower.

Sharon Heights, with its 1.5 miles of land and 4,000 residents, is by far the larger of the two boroughs. Though bigger, it offers similar accessibility to local conveniences, a restful residential atmosphere and at its center is the exclusive 5-star Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club. There are considerably more housing options in Sharon Heights, both single and multi-family. This district is the core of Menlo Park’s town home and condominium market, with multi-family housing outselling single-family homes by 4 to 1.

Though Sharon Heights is the youngest neighborhood in Menlo Park, it possesses a sense of permanence and maturity, as evidenced by its mature trees and landscaping and the numerous generations that have called this borough home. Being the last area to undergo development, Sharon Heights differs from other areas of the city in that it doesn’t have gridded streets and the majority of homes are single story and situated far apart. There are neighborhood parks aplenty, access to Menlo Park schools and plenty of comfortable 1960s tract homes, making Sharon Heights a top spot for potential homebuyers.

Neighborhood Price Point

$1,900,000 – $4,100,000

Favorable Attributes
  • Idyllic suburban setting offering spacious homes on expansive lots
  • Access to a multitude of parks and recreational facilities, including the Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club
  • Access to top-notch Menlo Park schools
  • Proximity to major commute corridors as well as key shopping centers
  • Large variety of multi and single family housing options
  • Offers a sense of permanence and community cohesiveness

History of Sharon Heights, Menlo Park

Sharon Heights was named after Frederick Sharon, son of William Sharon, Comstock Lode silver mining millionaire and Peninsula developer. The younger Sharon purchased acreage in ‘Menlo Hills’ and by 1906, owned upwards of 600 acres upon which he constructed his 32-room mansion, “Sharon Heights”.

Enthusiastic entertainers, Sharon and his wife, Louise, hosted a multitude of notable parties at their estate. After the passing of both Sharon and his wife in 1914 and 1938 respectively, the manor was inherited by their daughter, who showed little interest in occupying the rural mansion. The estate was sold in 1957 to Arizona housing developers Duncan McDonald and Mark Radin.

The partners invisioned a modern suburban community of single and multi-family housing, shopping, schools and business, which centered around an élite country club and park. Initial membership to the country club included a steep $3,500 initiation fee that climbed into the 6-figures by the 1990s.

By the 1970s, the community of Sharon Heights had taken root and established itself as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Menlo Park.