Making the Most of Your Home’s Entryway

As soon as you step over the threshold into a home, whether yours or someone else’s, you should feel welcomed. Some foyers are grand in size while others are cozier but all should be warm and inviting while also providing ample storage for all of the things involved in “coming and going.” Be it a beach house in Santa Cruz or a spacious Craftsman in Palo Alto, every home entryway requires some basic necessities to ensure function meets fashion.


Proper illumination is a foundation for every space. Entryways that offer a blend of natural light from windows or skylights augmented by statement lighting are ideal. Often having a small table lamp casting a warm glow in the space when not in use amplifies its beauty and ambiance.


Especially for families with children, having a place to sit to take off or put on shoes is a must for a functional entry. Built-in or stand-alone bench seating with cushions and throw pillows is ideal, providing a place to sit for multiple people. A pair of matching or complementary straight back chairs offer a more formal appearance.

Storage & Organization

Cabinets, closets and cubbies are essential for storing footwear, coats, backpacks, handbags and other necessities. Floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets with open niches can be designed in any aesthetic to fit a variety of spaces. Alternately, a free-standing wardrobe can be used as can decorative hooks, coat racks and baskets. Storage can also be designed so that each family member has his or her own space for shoes, outerwear and the like.

For families with pets, a designated cubby for leashes, toys and other pet accoutrements keeps your pup’s gear well organized and easily accessible.

Having a “catch-all” area for keys, mail and other papers helps keeps other areas tidy and eliminates last minute searches for missing items. This could be a table, sideboard or beautiful large bowl. Floating shelves can be useful for organizing and storing smaller items.

As most of us want one last look before we head out the door, a mirror is another important item to have someplace in your entry space. It can be a beautifully framed piece hanging on the wall or a smaller mirror tucked away inside a cabinet.


Since an entry space typically gets a considerable amount of wear and tear, a durable and low maintenance floor is a must. Tile, engineered wood and other materials that are easily cleaned while being scratch-resistant are preferred but past that, color and design can be as bold or neutral as desired. In wet weather, a washable rug right inside the door can keep mud and rainwater at bay.


A home’s entry is not just about function, storage and organization. As the first glimpse into your home, it should convey your personality, lifestyle and individual design aesthetic. This can range from sleek and modern to farmhouse style. An entry can be formal or casual, luxurious or simple, traditional or contemporary. This can be achieved with color, window covers, wallpaper, rugs and pillows, artwork, accent pieces as well as the style of furnishings, flooring and fixtures.

As the first peek into your home, the entryway speaks volumes. An organized and efficient yet aesthetically pleasing home entryway welcomes you, your family and your guests while ensuring all of the essentials are stored neatly away.

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