Luxury Home Trends: Statement Lighting

The type and style of lighting and light fixtures is gaining in importance as a luxury home trend. The varieties of available lighting are endless, allowing homeowners to express their personality, providing a visual statement of sophistication as well as functionality in every room of their Atherton home.

As reviewed in a previous blog, there are 3 types of lighting: ambient, accent and task. Statement pieces fall within the ambient lighting category, which set the stage and illuminating each room with a soft, warm glow. Ambient light fixtures include tabletop lamps as well as wall and overhead mounted pieces.

When it comes to luxury lighting, bigger is better. Chandeliers are one of the biggest luxury trends and can be used in formal entryways or foyer, Master Suites, bathrooms, Dining Rooms and Living spaces. Chandeliers include a wide variety of materials and range from classic to modern but always impart a distinct aura of opulence and elegance.

The traditional chandelier was portable, made from crystal or highly sought-after Murano or Venetian glass. They were common decorative feature in palaces and homes of merchants, the nobility and clergy, making it a lavish status symbol. Present day choices abound when it comes to this particular statement piece, allowing homeowners to illuminate and adorn key rooms with style and grace.

Pendant lighting offers yet another artful way to imbue elegant sophistication in one’s home. From industrial to traditional, glass to metal, sophisticated to whimsical, pendant lighting serves up options galore. Most commonly found above kitchen peninsulas in a group of 3 or 5, pendant fixtures are ideal in dining and living spaces when used as a single fixture.

Other illuminating pieces include unique wall scones, table and floor lamps. With the myriad of styles and materials, personal expression is unlimited. Crystal, beads, metal, silk shades, art glass…the options for making a statement with luxury lighting are endless.

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