Luxury Home Trend: White Kitchens

Simple. Elegant. Timeless. The white kitchen is classic and versatile, making it a top luxury home trend in affluent Atherton homes as well as other high-end residences across Silicon Valley.

Suited to just about any design style, including farmhouse, contemporary, minimalist, industrial or modern, the white kitchen also serves as the perfect backdrop for splashes of color.

The clean, fresh appearance of white cabinetry is a perfect compliment to exotic hardwood flooring. The vibrant color and dramatic grain of Acacia, Jatoba, Tigerwood and Brazilian Cherry combined with their durability make this flooring stand out against the crispness of the white kitchen.

A variety of stone surfaces can also be coupled with the white kitchen, including quartz and marble as well as eco-friendly recycled materials, stainless steel and glass counters all work well with the white theme. Waterfall counters can also be incorporated into the luxury white kitchen.

Backsplashes can be stone, tile, glass or be a continuation of the counter top material and can stay with the white theme or incorporate color. The variations, styles and design options are endless.

Cabinetry can be made of lacquer for a chic, Euro appearance or custom made from wood to fit the desired design of the kitchen. Add distinct touches such as specialized knobs and draw pulls.

Of course, statement lighting is key in every room and the kitchen is no exception. Pendant lights, chandeliers from modern to classic all have a place in the classic white kitchen.

And by adding distinctive fixtures, Smart appliances and other luxury amenities, your kitchen is complete.

The kitchen is the heart of every home and should display your personality, design sense while serving up amenities and functionality. Whether you enjoy practicing your culinary prowess or prefer to dine out, entertain small or large groups occasionally or regularly, the white kitchen is a luxury home trend that is simple, elegant and timeless.

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