Luxury Home Trend: Marble

With its timeless elegance and beauty, marble has long been considered a top luxury trend dating back hundreds of years. In addition to the countless variations in color and texture, this high-end material is durable and long lasting, making it ideal for a myriad of uses in the home. Though it had fallen out of favor, marble is making a modern comeback in homes of all architectural styles, including those in Menlo Park and throughout Silicon Valley.

The key to incorporating marble is to use it prudently rather than in quantities that overwhelm and create a cold and uninviting interior. When used as accents and statement pieces, marble creates a sleek, classic look that can blend beautifully with any décor.

Innovative Ways To Use Marble As A Modern Design Element

Marble columns
The use of understated, simple columns with clean lines delineates a space. This could be between a kitchen and dining room or in any large open plan spaces that could benefit from adding a design element that helps to make it feel enclosed. When used in conjunction with a half wall, marble supports add a modern feel to any space.

Fireplace Surrounds
Classic and chic, a fireplace surround designed with a simple monochromatic marble slab makes a statement in any living space.

Waterfall Countertops
It’s often been the trend for kitchen islands to include a different countertop material to create a visual point of interest. By having a stunning marble as the countertop and having it cascade down each end of the island, your kitchen has a statement piece all its own with the added benefit of durability

Walls or Floors
In this case, less is definitely more, so it’s best to choose one or the other. Formal entryways lend themselves to the durability and beauty of marble flooring as do Master baths. For use on walls, marble is perfect for a backsplash in a kitchen or bath. It can also be used as wainscoting or as a chair rail in a formal dining room instead of typical wood molding.

Marble Furnishings
Marble’s endurance lends itself to be used for items that get a lot of use, such as coffee and end tables as well as kitchen and outdoor dining tables. Choosing neutral colors and minimal grains allow for these statement pieces to work well with other materials that create softness and balance in the space. Wood and leather are two natural elements that work well with marble and help tie the space together.

Marble lamps, clocks and candleholders are subtle ways to include touches of marble into a room without overpowering the space. In kitchens, marble cutting boards or a pestle and mortar on display are simple yet effective ways to add the luxury of marble without making a major commitment.

Whatever your personal style, marble can be a stunning way to add a modern and timeless touch to your home. The sturdy stone is available in almost every color under the rainbow, ensuring it can either make a strong statement or blend subtly with your home’s design and décor.

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