Luxury Design Trend: Waterfall Countertops

Waterfall counters are becoming a prevalent luxury design trend in high-end kitchens as well as bathrooms. Also called risers, these sleek counters add a distinct touch to homes in Los Altos Hills and beyond.

A waterfall countertop is a countertop that ‘falls’ off the edge of a set of cabinets, creating the appearance of a continuous surface that blends from the top surface down the side. This look can be achieved by setting a custom countertop to be taller than it is wide and placing it beside the cabinets.

With material that covers the counter and cascades over the edge to the floor, waterfall counters can be used with granite, marble, butcher block, onyx, stainless steel or even concrete. And depending upon your personal style, it can make a modern or traditional statement.

Frequently used on kitchen islands, incorporating an overhang creates bar seating and a striking continuity. Covering just a portion of the island’s side achieves the same, sleek appearance while also allowing space for storage. “Box top” risers are another option in which the chosen material is installed to cover the countertop and a portion of all four sides of the island, or for a truly dramatic look, the island can be completely enclosed. Risers can be used on exposed end-cap areas of cabinetry, creating an elegant uninterrupted flow of whatever material you’ve chosen.

Thickness of the material and edge design are critical elements in waterfall countertops. Having a substantial width to the material lends a substantial feel while having a crisp edge ensures the risers meet seamlessly with the counter surface.

Waterfall counters aren’t exclusive to the kitchen. They can be integrated on bathroom cabinetry to cover and protect against water damage and splashing, walk-in closet islands and even used to design a unique dining space. And whatever your personal design preference-traditional, rustic, modern, European, farmhouse-risers offer a truly distinct accent to any home.

Looking for inspiration? Houzz offers a number of photos and styles of waterfall counters.

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