Luxury Home Trend: Luxe Metallics

Metallic hues continue their popularity as a luxury home trend. They can be bold or subdued, fitting in with any décor while adding a touch of extravagance to any room. Top interior designers herald the use of metallic accents and their use is found in residences from Los Altos Hills to Sunnyvale.

What hue to choose

Metallics come in a wide range of hues. If your current palette falls within the cooler color tones, silver, pewter and any metal that encompasses gray and blue tonal values will offer an affluent touch. For warmer shades, copper, gold and bronze offer timeless glamour. According to interior designers, “In 2016 we see the emerging trend towards brass and warm gold-tones gathering pace and the popularity of copper, bronze and rose-colored hues continuing”.

In addition to the diversity in color, metallics integrate texture. From gleaming to matte surfaces as well as the delicate grain of brushed metals, metallic textures define luxury while adding timeless elegance to any home.

How to incorporate metallics

Add a touch of metallic through the use of furnishings, mirrors, lamps and other accessories. They will add depth to the palette you’ve chosen without coming across as an entirely new hue.

Hardware and fixtures are obvious choices for adding a touch of luxe metallic to both kitchens and baths. Stainless steel counters, metal bar stools, metallic tiles in backsplashes as well as statement lighting are additional ways in which to add the intensity and visual interest through the use of metal. Small appliances such as KitchenAid’s Copper Pro Line Mixer are also effective ways to add a touch of luxe metallic to your kitchen.

The variety and availability of metallic accessories allow key pieces to be incorporated throughout your home. Metal trays, gleaming metallic mirrors, light fixtures and even accent furniture pieces add a touch of opulence in dining and living spaces, Master Suites and baths.

Bold or subdued

Whatever your personal design preference, metallics have a place in your home. From a daring all-metallic kitchen backsplash to thoughtfully chosen small accents, including touches of gold, silver, copper or pewter as part of your home décor adds glamour and affluence to any space.