a view of Highlands, Los Altos, CA

MLS Highlands, Real Estate in Los Altos, CA

“The hidden gem of Los Altos, The Highlands is a quiet and convenient close-knit community.”

The Highlands neighborhood of Los Altos (MLS #213) is just south of Country Club and includes two sub-divisions, the Highlands and Woodland Acres. This relatively small borough includes a combined 1,000 homes, which tend to be more ‘affordable’ than other neighborhoods of Los Altos. Highland homes are usually 2 stories to enable residents to enjoy the views provided by the undulating topography. Woodland Acres single-story ranch homes are ensconced in forested areas of native oaks, acacias, and redwoods. Both offer homes with four bedrooms and large ¼ to ½ acre lots, which translates to quiet seclusion.

This community is tight-knit, with many being long-time residents. The Highlands holds numerous annual events including a neighborhood picnic in conjunction with the Los Altos Police Department and Neighborhood Watch.

Centrally located to all residents is Monteclaire Park, with its tennis courts, picnic areas, wide expanses, and the adjacent Monte Claire Elementary School. Monteclaire Elementary falls within the Cupertino School District and is among the top-ranked schools in the state with API scores of 963. The exclusive Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club is a private recreational club offering tennis, aquatics, and party accommodations to its 83 families.

Homeowners in The Highlands enjoy serenity and accessibility in this small, neighborly gem of a borough.

Favorable Attributes
  • Two story houses enable appreciation of spectacular views
  • Forested, large ¼ to ½ acre lots sizes
  • Tight knit yet secluded community offering small-town appeal
  • Monteclaire Park is centrally located to all residents
  • One of Los Altos’ more affordable boroughs

History of The Highlands, Los Altos

The acreage upon which Woodland Acres is built was once Edward Hohfeld’s Toyon Stock Farm. Hohfeld bought his 100 acres in 1927, an insignificant portion of the 4,500-acre San Antonio Rancho granted in 1938 to Juan Prado Mesa by the Mexican government. Hohfeld owned Toyon Farm for 21 years and during this time, he lovingly planted and cultivated a variety of trees. His legacy is the verdant borough of Woodland Acres. Hohfeld sold 20 acres to Mrs. W.H. Davis, who developed the land into the Toyon Farms condominium complex. The remaining land was sold to the Serra Development Company which subdivided it into residential lots that were purchased between 1950 and 1957 by homeowners of Woodland Acres.

Early residents of the remainder of The Highlands lived among flourishing apricot orchards, the occasional ‘country home’ of well-to-do San Franciscans, and the buzz of airplanes. An open field on Granger Avenue and a private landing strip, J&J Air Rancho, near St. Joseph Avenue saw take-off and landings for privately-owned aircraft. Today, quite a few single-family homes are established on this former airstrip.