July 2023 Events Calendar

Monday, July 3rd
Fillmore Jazz Festival 2023
Hosted by Fillmore Street

Tuesday, July 4th
Hosted by Shoreline Amphitheatre

Wednesday, July 5th
Hosted by Cantor Arts Center

Thursday, July 6th
Hosted by Gallery 9, Los Altos

Friday, July 7th
Hosted by Viewpoints Gallery, Los Altos

Saturday, July 8th
Hosted by Downtown Los Altos
Sunday, July 9th
Hosted by Gallery House, Palo Alto

Monday, July 10th
Hosted by Portola Art Gallery

Tuesday, July 11th
Hosted by Stanford Shopping Center

Wednesday, July 12th
Hosted by Club Fox, Redwood City

Thursday, July 13th
Hosted by Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto

Friday, July 14th
Hosted by Courthouse Square, Redwood City

Saturday, July 15th
Hosted by Red Morton Park, Redwood City
Sunday, July 16th
Hosted by Palo Alto Art Center

Monday, July 17th
Hosted by August Hall

Tuesday, July 18th
Hosted by Menlo School

Wednesday, July 19th
Hosted by The Mountain Winery, Saratoga

Thursday, July 20th
Hosted by Filoli Historic House & Garden

Friday, July 21st
Hosted by The Guild Theatre

Saturday, July 22nd
Hosted by Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View
Sunday, July 23rd
Hosted by The Pear Theatre

Monday, July 24th
Hosted by San Jose Civic

Tuesday, July 25th
Hosted by Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford

Wednesday, July 26th
Hosted by Castro Street, Mountain View

Thursday, July 27th
Hosted by Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

Friday, July 28th
Hosted by Courthouse Square, Redwood City

Saturday, July 29th
Hosted by Stanford Jazz Workshop

Sunday, July 30th
Hosted by Filoli Historic House & Garden

Friday, June 30th
Hosted by 100 Van Ness Ave