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Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House in San Jose?

San Jose, also known as the Silicon Valley, is one of the most competitive housing markets in the nation. A hotspot for national tech and business, professionals from all over the world have been clamoring for San Jose homes for decades. If you’ve had your eye on a home in San Jose, and especially if you have a job or prospects in the Silicon Valley, now is the perfect time to buy a home. Today, your opportunity for a mortgage and your access to great buyer agent teams is at an all-time peak.

If you’re ready to start your house-hunt right now, grab your pre-approval letter and get ready for the biggest reasons why now is the perfect time to become a San Jose homeowner.

The Housing Market is Booming

Right now, homes are flying off the market. Word is getting out to this year’s buyers that competition and opportunity are both at an all-time high. This is especially true in high-demand neighborhoods like Silicon Valley. San Jose homes are a great choice for both local and relocating home buyers looking for a cozy neighborhood close to the nation’s gleaming tech hub.

Why is now the right time to buy a San Jose home?

Interest Rates are at an All-Time Low

The housing market has always ebbed and flowed with the national interest rate. The interest rate influences the interest cost of every mortgage in the nation, even with the individual variance from lender to lender. When the national interest rate is low, this is great news for home buyers looking to get a good price on a valuable property. Low interest means more of your money is available to put into the house, and to find the house of your dreams.

Right now, the interest rate is hovering at a historic low, with a chance to regain its rise to normalcy any minute. This makes now, in the next few months, your ideal time to lock-in a mortgage before the interest rate rises from this historic dip.  


The Post-Pandemic Moving Wave

We, as a nation, spent a year locked down and putting off plans. It’s no surprise that 2021 has seen a wave of home sales and purchases beyond predicted numbers for a post-pandemic market. Thousands of families who put off their plans last year are selling or buying this year. In San Jose, this is great news because new homes are on the market – but they’re getting snapped up just as quickly.

To find the Silicon Valley home of your dreams, it’s time to move fast to take advantage of this lively market turnover using an agent from Silicon Valley & Beyond.


A Skilled Team is Ready to Assist Your House-Hunt

A great home purchase depends on a strong real estate team. You need local experts who understand the competitive San Jose housing market and can ensure you find the right home for your location, family, and lifestyle needs. That is exactly what you will find with our team at Silicon Valley and Beyond. We are dedicated to providing an excellent and proactive real estate experience to help you get from house-hunt to homeowner with the greatest possible satisfaction at every stage. Whether you’re from nearby looking for your new California nest or you’re relocating to be closer to the tech industry hub, we look forward to being your partners and real-estate team. Contact us today to start your San Jose home buying journey.