House Selling Process: Saratoga

Anyone interested in selling a house in Saratoga, California, knows how many great amenities the area has to offer. Located in the foothills of the Santa Clara Valley and surrounded by beautiful redwood forests, Saratoga balances both the comforts of a local community and the options of a larger town. 

The downtown area, affectionately known as “the village” by locals, has an easy-going, mom-and-pop feel where small, locally-owned shops and restaurants are the norm. So whether you’re looking for a boutique, a great restaurant where you can catch a bite to eat, or a cafe for your morning coffee, the village has what you’re looking for to meet your wants and needs. 

With all these great benefits, it might seem like it would be easy to sell your home, but there are several steps you should follow to make the process successful. Here’s what you need to know about the house selling process in Saratoga and how Silicon Valley and Beyond can make it easy. 


  1. Staging for Photographs

One of the first and most important steps when preparing to sell your home is staging. Staging your home is the process of cleaning and organizing your home so that it appeals to the widest variety of home buyers. Simple measures like removing family photos and clutter before an open house or walkthrough help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home. 

  1. Taking Care of Inspections

Another essential step before listing your home is taking care of the relevant pre-market inspections, so buyers have all the property information they need. These inspections include: 

  • A property inspection
  • A termite and pest inspection
  • A roof inspection
  • A chimney inspection 

Silicon Valley and Beyond is happy to help you with the staging and the inspection process. 

  1. Listing Your Home

The next step is listing your home. Again, we work hard to make your listing as attractive as possible for potential buyers. We use professionally taken photos of your home to create listings on sites like Zillow and Redfin

After listing your home, we’ll keep track of how it performs and use our market analytics to determine if you can raise your sales price. Then, as offers roll in, we interact with potential buyers and can start to schedule walkthroughs. 

  1. Choosing an offer

Eventually, people who want to buy your house will start to make offers on your home, and we will help you navigate all the variables such as closing dates, down payment amounts, and more. Once you’ve decided which offer suits you best, and after a 17 day investigation period for the buyer, all that’s left is a little paperwork, and you’ve sold your house!

Work with Silicon Valley and Beyond When Selling a House in Saratoga, California

As you can see, there are many important steps when it comes to selling your house and making sure you get the best offer possible. On your own, these might seem overwhelming, but Silicon Valley and Beyond is ready to help you every step of the way. 

Our expert team, led by veteran real estate agent Dawn Thomas, is excited to help you sell your home. Reach out to us today so that we can start the process!