House Selling Process: Sunnyvale

If you are looking into selling a house in Sunnyvale, California, the Dawn Thomas team at Silicon Valley and Beyond can help make the process as smooth as possible. 

We know the value of the area as well as anyone. Sunnyvale is a great place to call home in the beautiful Santa Clara Valley with some of the nation’s leading tech companies. With wonderful weather, access to a walkable downtown, and spacious parks nearby, neighborhoods like the City Center, South Bernardo, and the surrounding areas are enticing for anyone looking to buy your house. 

But communicating this value to prospective buyers is challenging. You want to set your home apart from the other homes for sale in Sunnyvale. 

We can help with this! Below, we’ll key you in on the best practices for selling your house. If you’re worried about the house selling process in Sunnyvale, the following steps explain how Silicon Valley and Beyond can help you through the process.



  1. Communicating Your Home’s Value

One of the first steps to showing a potential buyer the value of your Sunnyvale home is getting professional-quality photos for your listing. These photos are often a buyer’s first impression, and it pays off to make your home look as nice and as welcoming as possible. 

When staging your home for photos, there are a few good things to remember: 

  1. Eliminate distractions by cleaning up clutter around your home. 
  2. Clean windows to let in natural light, as this will make your home look warmer in photos. 
  3. Hire a professional photographer with experience.

Our real estate agents can help with everything from hiring movers to take the clutter out of your house to hiring an experienced photographer.

  1. Pre-Market Inspections

Buyers are looking at many potential options, so having an inspector verify that your house meets basic safety and cleanliness requirements gives buyers more confidence in your house.

Having the right inspections on your house taken care of isn’t difficult – if you know who to call. We can help connect you to the right people so you can get all the benefits of:

  • A property inspection
  • A termite and pest inspection
  • A roof inspection
  • A chimney inspection
  1. Listing

Once we have photographs of your house and your pre-market inspections are done, the next step is to start listing it. Your listing agent will create a professional listing for your house on sites like Zillow and Redfin to ensure it’s seen by the most significant amount of potential buyers. 

Our real estate experience allows us to analyze market data and look at how your house performs on the market to make sure you can sell your house fast and get the best price. Once you start getting offers, we’ll connect you to buyers, schedule open houses, and before you know it, your home will be sold. 

Hire the Right Realtor When Selling a House in Sunnyvale, California

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, keeping track of all these different factors can feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s so helpful to work with an experienced team of realtors that can guide you through the process. 

The Dawn Thomas Team at Silicon Valley and Beyond have the experience and resources you need to put your home on the market and get it sold. So start the process today by contacting us!