House Selling Process: Los Altos Hills

Nestled in the Western foothills of Silicon Valley and just south of Palo Alto, the Town of Los Altos Hills, California, offers the quiet serenity of small-town living while centered in the heart of the Bay Area. Los Altos Hills is a perfect location for anyone looking to start a family or move into a beautiful, temperate location in the Silicon Valley region. 

The tranquility and beauty of Los Altos are the pinnacles of the American Dream. Los Altos Hills offers fantastic scenery, excellent school ratings, and friendly people. In addition, it offers great separation between residential and commercial communities, with boutiques, restaurants, and more being limited to the downtown area. Having the best residential and commercial living allows residents to enjoy their quiet, beautiful homes while still enjoying the nightlife occasionally. 

With all the benefits of living in Los Altos Hills, it is unimaginable why a person would decide to leave the area and sell their home. However, if you are faced with this challenging dilemma and plan to sell your home in Los Altos and need help getting the attention of potential buyers, our team can help. 

Let’s walk through the these 5 steps to help you sell your home in home in Los Altos Hills. 


1.   Hire Silicon Valley & Beyond as Your Realtor

Finding the right realtor can be a difficult decision. Our team at Silicon Valley & Beyond has the experience and knowledge of buying and selling homes in the Bay Area to ensure that you get the best help possible. Led by Dawn Thomas, a real estate expert who holds a certification from Harvard Law School, our real estate team is ready to tackle any challenge any counter-offers to get you the price your home deserves. Dawn and her team will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best offers for your home. But the help doesn’t stop there. We will work through every offer with you to better understand the pros and cons and ensure that you make the best decision possible for your home. 

Take a few moments to look through our site and give our team a call today to get the process rolling. 

2.   Preparation

Now that you have Dawn and her team on your side and are eager to start the selling process, the next step would be to stage your home before listing it. Make sure that your home is in the best possible state before scheduling walkthroughs. For one, you will want to start removing personal belongings from your home so potential buyers can view your home with ease. Don’t worry! We know moving services that can help with this. 

Along with recommending a moving service, our team will walk you through the recommended premarket inspections, which include:

  • A property inspection
  • A termite and pest inspection
  • A roof inspection
  • A chimney inspection

Premarket inspections are important to ensure that you get the best price possible for your home and help you avoid low counter-offers. 

Finally, before listing, you’ll want to get a professional photographer in there to snap pictures of your newly staged home. We team up with photographers in the Los Altos Hills area and are happy to share their contact information. 

3.   List Your Home

Once professional photos of your home are finalized, our team will list the photos of your home on home selling sites, such as Zillow and Redfin. These websites will ensure that anyone searching “homes for sale in Los Altos Hills, Ca” finds your home. From there, our team will receive messages of interest from potential buyers and schedule walkthroughs.  

The feeling of receiving your first offers is exciting and overwhelming. 

4.   Accepting an Offer

Receiving offers on your home can be overwhelming when there is more than one offer. Being thoughtful of prices, closing dates, down payments, and other selling details are specifics to consider when deciding. That said, our team has years of experience and expertise in the home selling process. They will help sift through offers with you and find the one offer that best meets your selling needs. 

Once you find the perfect suitor and finalize an offer, a contract will be signed. Typically about 3%  of earnest money is put into escrow in Los Altos Hills. The buyer will have an investigation period that can last up to 17 days. The investigation period is a safety net set in motion to ensure that the buyer is pleased with their choice. 

It is an excellent time to start moving out of your home during this investigation period. The Dawn Thomas team knows professional moving services that can assist, and our team can help coordinate to find a moving service to get you entirely moved out of the home before closing. Then, once it is ready, closing paperwork will only take about 20 minutes.

5.   Final Steps

Once the investigation period ends, closing paperwork will only take about 20 minutes for the seller. At this point, the buyer can schedule their final walkthrough and the key exchange, and you can breathe easy knowing that Dawn and her team have taken care of your selling needs. And now, it’s time to celebrate! 

Getting Help at Silicon Valley & Beyond

Selling a home can be a stressful time. So with the help of our team at Silicon Valley & Beyond, we will make the process as simple and headache-free as possible for you. 

Learn more about the Dawn Thomas Team at Silicon Valley & Beyond and get the process started today!