High-Tech Kitchen: The Dacor Discovery iQ Oven

Living in the Silicon Valley, we are surrounded by all types of leading edge technology. A variety of devices have been created to make our lives simpler and safer, including more and more tailored for residential use. Dacor’s Discovery iQ double wall oven is a smart home trend finding its way into homes in Mountain View as well as kitchens in other nearby communities.

Heralded as one of the top high-tech home devices at CES, the Dacor Discovery iQ is an integrated, intuitive convection oven that offers a Google Android interface to Dacor’s trademarked cooking app. Its 7 inch graphic touchscreen offers simple controls that will enhance your personal culinary skills or provide hired chefs and caterers with leading edge cooking technology, making food preparation for large parties that much easier.

WiFi and Bluetooth enabled with a Samsung 1 Gig processor and 512 megabytes of RAM, the Dacor Discovery iQ wall oven offers key cooking and baking features including:

  1. Guided Cooking: a pre-programmed list of popular meals with preset times to eliminate the guesswork.
  2. Quick Start: This mode allows the manual adjustment of temperature and cooking time for each oven.
  3. My Modes: Enables the user to create and store custom programs for their favorite dishes.
  4. Dehydrate Mode: A simple way to dehydrate fresh foods while preserving nutritional value and taste.

The Discovery iQ offers GreenClean™ steam cleaning technology removes light debris in 30 minutes without harsh chemicals or high heat. The oven also offers 4.8 cubic feet of interior space, enhanced by the hidden bake element design while halogen lighting offers increased inner unit visibility. Click here for a complete list of the extensive features the Dacor Discovery iQ has to offer.

Delivering a unique experience of technology and culinary performance, the Dacor Discovery iQ double wall oven is a smart home trend that can benefit any Mountain View kitchen, helping simplify and enhance meal preparation and taste.

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