Divorce Real Estate Institute Announced Dawn Thomas as a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert

The Divorce Real Estate Institute (DREI) is proud to recognize Dawn Thomas as a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert.

Thomas, a real estate agent with Compass in the Silicon Valley, recently graduated from the Master Course at the Divorce Real Estate Institute at Cal Poly Pomona University in Pomona, California. Founded by Laurel Starks, the Master Course is the first formal education of its kind in the real estate industry.

“There’s been such a disconnect between the family law profession and the real estate community, it is important that we as REALTORS® bring our tools and knowledge to the family law community as experts and professionals in our field,” explains Starks.

Starks, a nationally recognized expert in divorce-related real estate and bestselling author of The House Matters in Divorce, created the Divorce Real Estate Institute to educate real estate agents about the emotional, financial, and legal intricacies that come with the sale of a home during a divorce.

During the training, Thomas received 40 hours of classroom education, including a trip to observe family court. The curriculum was written and conducted by the Divorce Real Estate Institute’s faculty team of attorneys, family court judges, specialization experts, and Starks herself. An additional 10 hours of online Divorce Real Estate Principles training was a pre-requisite to the Master Course, and the education continues through a 12-week Learning Lab and a one year educational support program facilitated by DREI faculty. By completing the Master Course, Thomas is uniquely equipped to serve the family law community during complex real estate transactions involving divorce home sales.

“Specialists and experts are not foreign to family law,” Starks points out, “in fact, every other aspect of the case is served by a family law expert: child custody, business valuations and cash flow analysis, pension division, and family law attorneys themselves specialize in the niche. The one area where there is a general practitioner is in handling the real estate aspect – which is often the largest, most complex asset in the case. DREI’s mission is to fill that gap, and provide experts for family law communities nationwide. It is essential for real estate experts to be trained and versed in family law to minimize conflict, maximize profits, and do it from a fair unbiased place.”

For more information on the Divorce Real Estate Institute, please call (909) 460-0900 or email; team@dreinstitute.com. Dawn Thomas’ profile can be viewed at DivorceRealEstate.Expert and she can be reached at 650-701-7822or by email at Dawn@SiliconValleyandBeyond.com

About the Divorce Real Estate Institute: The mission of the Divorce Real Estate Institute is to fundamentally transform the collaboration of real estate and family law professionals, such that every divorcing couple is ensured the best possible outcome when untangling the legal, financial, and emotional ties to their house.