Color Trends From Paris Design Show

In September, those in design, architecture, and interior decor professions converged in Paris for the twice-annual Maison et Objet Design Show. Since 1995, Maison et Objet has been the international authority for lifestyle, culture and trends. 

At the most recent event, residential color palettes sidestepped from the requisite grays, whites, and stand-alone bold tones that have prevailed over the past five to ten years. Instead, many interior design exhibits embraced subtle hues, using multiple colors in either coordinating or contrasting tones.

The trend is steering away from the monochromatic and harmonizes a variety of hues and palettes. Earthy, natural tones; deep, rich hues; reimagining of classic colors, all have a place with the distinct exception of the ubiquitous use of grays and whites we’ve seen of late. 

These new palettes, which work for dark and light colors alike, include paint, upholstery, artwork, and accents perfectly united to create a distinct space. 

Below are the favorite color combinations of Maison et Objet designers: 

  1. Invigorating Warm Colors
    Sunny, energetic, and revitalizing, these novel colors include rich, novel hues such as burgundy, burnt orange, and mustard.
  1. Cool Combos
    The newest greens are tinged with yellow and includes khaki olive. Almond green, verdigris, and linden green, which hail from Scandinavia, are welcoming tones that give a nod to nature.
  1. Harmonies of Timeless Classics
    Color classics like beige, taupe, honey, fawn, and griege are cozy and reassuring. Inspired by nature, these tones are combined with contrasting pink, mustard, and coral hues to create an aura of “spring awakening.”
  1. Palettes VS Monochromatic
    Rather than a single color, designers are choosing a palette of three to five hues that work in unison. They can be a triad of contrasting primary or secondary colors or an analogous harmonization of neighboring hues on the color wheel.
  1. Nuanced Blues
    Blue and all its values have been a popular color trend but the color has evolved, becoming more nuanced. Coupled with accents of pink, fawn, and sienna, it transforms into a classic yet more delicate color trend. Denim, peacock, and Klein blues are spotlighted but as a whole, blues are losing their traction.
  1. Spicing Up Serene Colors
    Powder pink, coral, peach, and mustard add the “color kick” needed to more laid-back tones. Inspired by nature, these bright, cheery hues create a feeling of awakening.
  1. Classic Chic Contrast
    This trend takes some skill to pull off, but when combined correctly, bordeaux (dark, Merlot red) and green tones accented with olive, linden green, beige, anthracite (very dark gray to near black), and peacock blue achieves an unmatched level of chic.
  1. Earthy Tones Endure
    Nature’s palette continues to remain en vogue. Dull, matte, and earthy tones and the touch of nature they evoke remain a top home décor trend.

If being on trend appeals to you, these eight color combinations are straight from top international design talent at Maison et Objet in Paris and are sure to make inroads in 2020 and beyond. 

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