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Postcard-perfect Capitola stands out among Santa Cruz area towns. Smaller and more picturesque than neighboring Santa Cruz, Capitola holds close its beach resort town past while moving headlong into the future.

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It is a tourist spot, a family town, and a center for art and world-class restaurants. A year-round destination, Capitola’s crowded summer character is at odds with the cool calm of its winter personality.

A leisurely drive through downtown Capitola on an unseasonably warm November afternoon is a reminder that its winter serenity is at the mercy of a beach-friendly weather report. As diehard locals can attest, there is more to this city of 10,000 than Frisbees, volleyball, and pizza by the slice. Capitola real estate embodies the quaint charm of a small town without sacrificing the perks of a bigger city. It may look like a postcard but Capitola offers its residents so much more than rose-colored vacation memories.


Explore information about neighborhood schools and the correlation between well-performing schools and associated real estate costs.

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